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    There are many things in this
    world which we don't want to
    see. Being blind has no

    Fairy Tail Top 10

    top 10 strongest characters and why? dont involve hype , please use proven feats and facts...
    1.Acnologia(human or dragon , the dragon king , 1 breath attack "destroyed" tenroujima,he struck fear into zeref , now that is something)

    2.Zeref(he has many powerful magics and can control life and death to a certain extent)

    3."Purehito"Hades(served Makarov without using his demons eye , there is still a large power gap between him and Zeref)

    4.Mavis Vermillion(we havent seen much of her , but she is capable of all kinds of powerful magic , the said creator of fairy law which alone solo's most wizards)

    5.Makarov Dreyar(he has a very wide range of magic in hjs arsenal , and as one of the 10 wizard saints he is one of the 10 strongest legal wizards on the continent , he easily defeated jose who annihilated erza with low difficulty)

    6.Gildarts Clive(crash magic b*tch!)

    7.Bluenote(gave Gildarts a good fight , strongest gravity user so far... i think)

    8.Minerva(we dont know much about her power , but she intimidates Sting and Easily stopped Natsu , whom almost solo'd sting and rogue with dragonforce and dragon drive combo)

    9.Jellal Fernandez(heavenly body magic b*tch)
    10.Jura Neekis(gave jellal a good match , still dont know what the outcome would have been)

    honourable mentions:
    Natsu,Laxus,Orga,Sting,Rogue,Mystogan,Laxus,Ultear ,Gajeel(presumably , based upon Natsu's performance during the games)Zero/Brain,Erza,Kagura,Grey,Lyon,Cheria,Zancrow
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