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    Re: Itachi Uhiha

    Quote Originally Posted by -Carnage- View Post
    yeah.. xD
    virus.. did the copy and pasting for me :y
    i did the pics and stuff
    virus..? pshh next time come to me man, i will do a awesome job for you.
    take a look at my sasuke bio in my sig :D
    not the zabuza though >_> that was my first...

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    Re: Itachi Uchiha

    Messed up template. It's Basic Information, not Basic Info, it's Looks, not Appearance. Your Rank//Chakra title does not show up due to bad coding. Remove all those elements and only place the first one you want to learn, the Elements and Your Ninjutsu titles aren't there either, add the basic E-rank jutsu's. Battles title gone. It's Theme Song and Background Music with above that Pictures, not together and finally remove all that stuff off "insert picture here", "insert title here" and "insert info here". Also remove that weird link of your customs as you have none.

    Edit all that stuff please if you want this to get approved.

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