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    Lets get to know everybody in the Naruto Base Universe. tell us who you are, your hobbies, favorite manga, your age, ect.
    Ill start first...
    Hi im Andrew, i am 17 years old, I like to play football and wrestle. Right now i have 4 favorite manga's. 1) Naruto, 2) Bleach, 3) One piece and Yu Yu Hakusho. Yu Yu Hakusho was the the reason that i actually started to watch anime. I started reading manga when i was about 14, i started with Inuyasha i stopped watching/ reading it because i was tired of all the reruns... i still havnt finished it... to be honest i found Naruto Base by accident, i was in computer class and i was looking for something to do so i searched for "naruto forums" and this was the second one that i found, i liked this one better . there is alot more but i dont feel like writing all of that especiall since i still have to write a 3 page essay for CIS class... lol

    and im also short at a 6 foot height
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    I'm 17 ages old
    Loves Manga's and anime
    I'm Am Senior Year at High School
    My Favo is the sharingan of madara
    My Favo is the Byakugan of Hinata
    My Favo is the Rinnegan of Nagato
    I'm Living in the nederlands
    I love Soccer :D
    my Favo characters: Sakura Hinata Sasuke Kiba.
    I'm in love :$
    Owyeah i forgot I'm Jamalll.
    I have know about naruto when i was 11
    BTW how i cane set a mood xD
    Thats all for you little buddy :$
    x Jamal.

    And i'm 1.83 Height i'm long
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    Re: Who are you?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jamalthebest View Post
    And i'm 1.83 Height i'm long
    1.83m is almost aproximately 6 feet, which the other guy just said is short. (It really ain't tho, everything above 180 is pretty tall tbh.)

    - I'm 17, 186cm tall, weigh 83 kg, blue eyes and dark-blonde hair. I love music (been playing guitar for 8 years), gaming, anime/manga, working out, sports and relaxation (**** yeah!).

    - Favorite anime is Code Geass by far and second one is probably Elfen Lied. Those are just the shorter ones, tho... I love the ongoing ones as well. (Naruto, Bleach, etc)

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    Re: Who are you?

    im a human or alien i dont know
    im 16 years old
    i love manga and anime
    i start watching naruto when i was 13 and i read it when i was 14
    i like basketball soccer Chess and video games
    my favorite characters are hinata sandaime Danzo and all akatsuki's members
    im 1.82 m tall and 70 kg weigh
    i can make about 100 push up O.O
    and i broke the world record of how much fight can you win in row in master mode in tekken ( it was 32 fight) and my record was 37 O.O
    i want to be plane engineer and my dream is to rule the world to make peace
    thats all i guess

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    Re: Who are you?

    age: 1400 BC
    tall :infinity
    weight : unlimited
    location: space

    hobbies: joking

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