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    Re: Enough of orochimaru being the strongest

    1.How is Sasuke in complete control when the Hokages are under Oro's technique and he has control of them?

    -It's somewhat my opinion that Orochimaru is in control but i back it up with the FACTS. What do you have to back your argument? Nothing, which is why you never countered this to begin with

    2.Yeah an army of 9 tails chakra boosted shinobi is stronger than him, but in terms of a single persons power he's definitely high up there at this point

    -This is obviously fact because he has 4 hokages under his control. You can claim that he can't do anything with them but you're just being ignorant, because he has used the 1st and 2nd hokages as summons in the past and there isn't any reason why he can't use the 3rd or the 4th. What is the basis of your argument. Explain, please do.

    3. As far as him rising as the main antagonist, no one can really say yet for sure. I think he's going to play a big role in the future, and will probably we one of the last remaining villains in the end. For right now what either me or you say is all speculation and not fact.

    -Everything I said here as true and admitted that it is my opinion that he will be one of the final remaining villains, though, looking at manga evidence this is obvious. Obito and Madara are currently fighting against the entire SA. The end of that fight isn't going to be the end of the war and chances are one or both of them will be dealt with by the end.

    4.For most characters there isn't like a list you can refer to for who is stronger. A lot of people say Oro is stronger than Jiraiya, but it's an opinion and cant be anything other than that. They base the opinion off what we have seen from both characters.

    -Once again me pointing out one of your original posts was your opinion. I didn't assert anything here at all. No "cause i said so"

    5.I don't see a lot of people arguing Oro is stronger than Nagato, but if he's using 4 kage as summons he'd give anyone a hard time..

    -True, who can fight all 4 previous hokages on an even playing field and actually win? The only one i can think of is edo Madara, and maybe Obito with jinchuurikis. Nagato would have a hard time with this regardless of what you believe, I'd say its arguable but most people will disagree with you. Nagato is strong but we haven't seen him solo 5 Kage level ninjas. He isn't edo Madara.

    6.Another thing that isn't fact but a prediction. It's possible Madara is going to be the main villain all the way to the end but once again simply speculation.

    -We still don't know who the main villain is going to be. You are assuming it's going to be Madara but at this point, no one knows. There are theories that Orochimaru has a curse mark on Madara and could possibly be plotting to take his body. There is a manga scan the lends credence to that, but nobody knows for sure yet. In conclusion you can't say with certainty this is true.

    7.Anyone can be killed by 4 tails Naruto nobody can tank all of his attacks. This doesn't mean that they can't defeat him but the possibility of dying is present for everyone.

    -Orochimaru was also weakened when he fault 4 tailed Naruto. He is stronger right now. No one will argue against that, except for you, because you like to make up reasons why Orochimaru is presently handicapped. He was handicapped before, like when he fought 4 tailed Naruto, right now he IS NOT.

    8.This last one is just a random battle scenario which is once again speculation.

    -Here all you did was name a bunch of ninja saying with all of them combined they would be Oro. That's a retarded reason for why a character is not strong. You could do this same thing with any character.

    Basically your original post was mostly opinionated crap you made up to support your case that Orochimaru is weak. He isn't weak man, it's stupid to say he is. Then again i don't believe he is number one either.

    Orochimaru isn't a pile of goop on the ground he possessed a Zetsu's body. This is painfully obvious in the last chapter. Why you would even use this as a reason why he is weak is beyond me. Only reason i can think of is you're desperate and can't come up with a logical argument. It shouldn't even be necessary for me to have to explain this to you....

    Orochimaru is not weakened because of the Totsuka blade right now. We haven't seen him fight yet but he took his chakra back from Kabuto and it's assumed he's in full form at this point, considering he is able to use his jutsu's and seems perfectly healthy. I haven't heard anyone assert that he is weakened because of the totsuka blade, you're the only one who has said that. There is no manga evidence of it. Ah, irony.

    See my original post? You never countered anything in it. You never have explained why you're right about anything you have said or put fourth any evidence. I encourage intelligent debate on NB and not this BS I'm dealing with from you. Make a coherent case or stfu. Talking about these things is enjoyable with someone who uses actual manga evidence in their argument. You learn things and sometimes eventually view things in other ways. All I've gotten from you is BS man...think about things before you say them.

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    Re: Enough of orochimaru being the strongest

    So true

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