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    Re: Fairy Tail Manga 317 Discussion and 318 Predictions

    This chapter was...well ok/average at to best me:shrug:. It's clear as day that future Lucy is obviously not tell the full truth and future Lucy is a imposter. One, Lucy would never lie to her friends like that and 2nd what would the point of time traveling to the past to prevent an incident and not have a clue on how to help prevent the incident from occurring, that's waste of time travel in my opinion. I think the magic Jellal was sensing is future Lucy, future Lucy I think has a connection to Zeref somehow.

    So, Rouge has been influence this whole time because of his shadow(the dark-side) and Rouge might join up with Fairy Tail the signs are all there, maybe Sting too. This a hunch, but I think Rouge shadow(the dark-side) might have something related to the phantom lord guild when Rouge is young.

    I give this fairy tail chapter....3.5/5

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    Re: Fairy Tail Manga 317 Discussion and 318 Predictions

    So apparently Dragon Force and and Shadow Gear wasn't enough powerup abilities, now Sting is getting another one.

    I wonder about when Rogue said "Sting has awakened", is that what will happen if Rogue gives into his shadow? Will Rogue "Awaken"?

    Meh no need to worry Gajeel, as long as you have the almighty power of feelings at your side there is no way you can lose!
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