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    Strongest team on the future Battle field

    I'm referring to when this happens (did the edit myself)


    My Theory for taka is that Karin will rejoin them as they pass back thought the village/decide to destroy it we all ready see her escaping and it's very plausable at this point. Now listing the abilities of each member of the current taka (including Orochimaru with his new body and arms) they would most likely be the strongest team along side Edo hokage's but there is a weakness in there team.
    Unlike Kabuto's Edo's Orochimaru's edo's are completly controlled once the talisman is implanted in there brains...which is a huge draw back as it was a part of the reason nagato lost!/03.png

    After orochimaru implated his talisman :

    The Hokage were continually in the state nagato was during their fight...untill they were being sealed and regained a litte consciousness. Kabuto's edo's on the other hand can switch in and we have seen with Mu.

    Madara and Obito:

    There no longer Controlling the juubi making it now a 4 way brawl...also my theory that Madara let this happen to open an opportunity for Obito's death. Alone by themselves they should have severe problems against the Alied shinobi forces and Taka but they surpassed both because of Madara's rinnengan capabilities.

    Allied shiobi forces:

    Their techniques, stamina, power ect. have been disgustingly advanced but is it enough? Firstly it is a limited amount of chakra. I would suppose the more powerful techniques they use the more Chakra they would consume. Secondly, Naruto has a limit on his BM mode and the amount of chakra he can export in one round. It took around 20mins Manga time (several chapters) before kurama could gather enough chakra for naruto to distribute or fight again. Naruto has also lost his healing ability due to the kyuubi's influence as seen in the first part of the series.

    Pertaining to the Yin half of the kyuubi returning to naruto...

    We know minato used the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to seal the nine tails into naruto but as we know the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, seals the souls inside the user not a third party. My theory is kushina used a second sealing jutsu which completed the separation and sealing of the nine tails into naruto. this would be the four elements seal. perhaps the four elements seal traps the user as well and this is why kushina is sealed in naruto.

    if we recall danzou used the reverse four elements seal to attempt to seal sasuke within himself. perhaps the regular seal allowed kushina to seal minato in herself and then used a second seal to seal them both inside naruto. but considering the nature of the reverse seal, the second application of the regular seal maybe what resulted in her death

    So to put it in a simple way Minato sealed half the fox in himself and kushina sealed the fox into naruto.

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    Re: Strongest team on the future Battle field

    Yeah, I agree

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    Re: Strongest team on the future Battle field

    any team with sasuke is the strongest

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    Re: Strongest team on the future Battle field

    Finally someone can Explain it & Prove it thnx this helped alot

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    Re: Strongest team on the future Battle field

    I believe you're overrating Madara too much. They're the strongest currently because they have the Juubi on their side, not because of Madara's Rinnegan ability. That's ****ty fanboy logic. But, let me rephrase all of that. They used to be the strongest but Naruto and Rock Lee severed their connection. By the way, Madara obviously doesn't want to kill Obito because he needs Obito. I agree with everything else though.

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    Re: Strongest team on the future Battle field

    nuff said

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