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    Re: Sasuke is Orochimaru's boss!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Artist View Post
    as a sasuke fan i will say your thread is fail

    u can't proof anything untill we see what happen

    plus if Oro who is in control now send the kages to attack sasuke it's the end for sasuke no doubt

    Oro is not that dumb to forget about the sharingan genjutsu
    u know he has a plan for anything
    he trolled itachi's tutsku blad

    only a dumb will think that Sasuke can beat Oro with his edos

    even itachi didn't beat Oro in a fight
    because Oro didn't have that kill intention

    i like Sasuke but iam also not a blind dickrider

    Sasuke himself said to suigetsu " don't underestimate Orochimaru "

    btw itachi is dead and Oro is alive
    You do realize that Itachi died because he wanted to, while Orochimaru would be dead if Sasuke didn't ressurect him right?

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    Re: Sasuke is Orochimaru's boss!

    Quote Originally Posted by KillerMongoose View Post
    Orochimaru would rape Sasuke, and you know what I bet Sasuke would like it.
    Sasuke stomps Orochimaru. Not even on the same tier.

    Without Edos of course.
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    Re: Sasuke is Orochimaru's boss!

    Okay, so Sasuke beat Orochimaru once, so now he owns Orochimaru's Edos? Seems.... Legit....

    Thanks for giving us your opinion that Orochimaru can't return to prominence even though he has his arms back and the Hokages...

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