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    Fate or Hope Chapter 12

    Chapter 12 is finally here. It didn't turn out as well as I hoped, but I think it's still a decent chapter. Tatsuki will be revealed soon, very soon. Meaning Chapter 13 soon.

    List of Previous chapters:

    Fate or Hope

    Chapter 12

    Why did those words leave her mouth? A random guy who she didn't know was about to be killed, yet she opposed it. She felt like she had no choice; that she had to save him. She looked over at Tatsuki, who had a smile on his face that warmed her up. She couldn't betray him, but she had to do something. Why did she want to rescue the boy? She was loyal only to Tatsuki; that was her fate. She was able to feel his emotions, though he didn't know it. He was happy whenever she was near him, but when he speaks of the times they were apart she felt his sadness. She never known of sadness like his so she could never disobey him, otherwise the sadness would get worse. 'Why am I like this!? I don't care about him!'

    'That's not true! Don't cause anymore sadness by making me do this! You care about Kota, don't you? Tatsuki is trying to manipulate you so he could control you!'

    That voice appeared in her head again. She didn't hear it often, but it always appeared trying to confuse her. The worse thing was that she was confused! She had no idea who she was, only that she was fated to serve Tatsuki. It didn't matter if he were to betray her because fate could not be changed. To change the world they had to make sacrifices, even though they didn't want to. Every time they had to kill someone it created a wound in her heart, but she had to continue on.

    'Fate can be changed. If I haven't screamed that night Kenji would be alive. He would be here with us. Kenji wanted to change the world, but do you think he would want to do it this way!? By your logic that means that Kota's and that girl's existence would be a threat to the world. They are not a threat to the world, but they are a threat to Tatsuki!'

    She held her head in her arms, and closed her eyes. Tatsuki was not wrong, he couldn't be mistaken! However, the voice in her head had a point. That little girl with Kota couldn't have been a threat to the world, so why did she have to die?

    “Something wrong, Mavi?” she heard Tatsuki ask in a worried tone.

    She shook her head no. She was so confused, she had no idea what to do. Should she believe Tatsuki or the voice in her head? That night she screamed because it was her fate, and Kenji's was to die. She thought that, but what if Tatsuki was mistaken? Her head was aching with pain, but it wouldn't go away. She knew she was fighting something, but she couldn't identify what it was.

    “Mavi, think about it! Humans are not puppets, we're moving on our own! If fate couldn't be changed we'd be mere puppets, but that's not the case. If fate existed, then that means your destiny is to be a slave to Tatsuki! Can you accept that!?” she heard Kota shout.

    A slave to Tatsuki? She didn't think about it that way, but she wasn't a slave. She was serving him under her free will. 'I am, aren't I?'

    'No. You're the part of me that he created just to serve him. As long as you're in charge of MY body then you can't disobey his orders. My free will doesn't want to work for him! Is this what you would call fate, even though it affects you? According to your fate then you wouldn't have any emotions.'

    There was no possibility that she was wrong, but it felt like her heart was screaming at her. Was she really wrong? She didn't know what to do, everything was confusing her. Tatsuki's feelings were not fake, but she couldn't sense any lies in the voice she heard. Then again, Tatsuki never told her what he was planning. He only told her that as long as they were together that everything would be okay. “Tatsuki,” she said quietly.

    He looked at her with a concerned look in his eyes. It felt like his blazing red eyes were staring through her. She looked into his eyes, and a chill went up her spine. That wasn't the Tatsuki she knew. He was different, his eyes looked merciless.

    'It hurts! My strength is leaving me. S-Stop him, do something!'

    Her eyes widened in shock. Tatsuki knew about the voice in her head, and was trying to get rid of her. No wonder why his eyes were like that, he was attacking the voice with his eyes. “Tatsuki, s-stop it! What are you doing? You're being scary.”

    “Mavi, you can't trust that voice. It wants to confuse you, and then destroy you! I.. won't allow that to happen!” Tatsuki shouted.

    'No. Destroying you would mean I'd be killing part of myself! You're a part of me now. I don't want to fight. Listen to me, if you want to save Tatsuki then I'll try my best! I believe in you, since you could have gotten rid of me, but you chose not to!'

    That's right, she could have gotten rid of the voice a long time ago. She couldn't bring herself to do it for some reason, but she finally knew the reason. They were one, and there was no changing that. It felt nice, she wasn't alone anymore. She has always been alone, but her other half was there. She looked at Kota and the little girl, and smiled at them. They were there too, so they would never be alone. 'I will save you, Tatsuki. Me and my other half, we finally know each other.'

    A light came from her body, and her other half appeared in front of her. It felt like she was looking at a mirror, though she knew that wasn't the case. “Make sure you keep your promise.”

    'I will. You love Tatsuki, right?'

    “Just like I thought, you didn't realize it. We're the same person, meaning you love Tatsuki as well,” she said before she vanished.

    The light disappeared, and Mavi looked around. Her face was probably red, but she didn't care. Did she really love Tatsuki? She didn't hate him, but at the same time she felt weird when she was around him. She looked at him, and she rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn't imagining what she saw. Even though he was wearing a mask, the mask didn't hide his wet eyes. Tatsuki, out of all people, was crying. She heard an all familiar sound, and turned around. The sound that she could never forget, bullets. She turned around, and all of a sudden, she wasn't there with Tatsuki. She saw the night of Kenji's death. She held her head in her hands, and the scream that killed Kenji left her mouth. All she heard were the sound of bullets, and she felt a cold breeze, even though there was no wind. 'I can't be in love with Tatsuki! He doesn't haunt my memories like Kenji does.'

    “Mavi!” she faintly heard, and the breeze stopped. The scene disappeared, and she was looking at those red eyes. She smelled smoke, and looked around. Behind Kota and the little girl were piles of ash. There were guns on the ground, and she looked back at those red eyes. The ashes, the smoke, was Tatsuki the one that saved her from Menji?

    This time when she looked at his eyes, she saw something that she couldn't identify. It didn't feel like Tatsuki was a stranger. She placed her hand on the top of his head, and searched for the feeling of his mask. She had to find out who he was, before she goes insane. She expected Tatsuki to push her hand away, but he only looked at her. How did she not feel anger towards him, after he made her almost kill Kota? 'Am I really in love with Tatsuki?' She had to confirm her feelings by seeing his face!

    Author's note:
    I really enjoyed writing this chapter, so I hope everyone enjoys it!

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    Re: Fate or Hope Chapter 12

    The man behind the mask will be revealed!
    Awesome chapter ^^

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    Re: Fate or Hope Chapter 12

    Oooh, got kind of a "Who's Tobi?" feel to it now Great chapter, Netsui:D Getting better, it looks like it

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    Re: Fate or Hope Chapter 12

    Awesome! 0_0 Will her feelings change once she sees his face.
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    Re: Fate or Hope Chapter 12

    This chapter was horrible! It completly sucked! ! It's worst than my shít and my shít is pretty bad! You are the worst writer on the base! Just do us all a favor and retire already! The Cobra has spooken.

    Kidding I love it!
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