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    Re: Beyonce

    Quote Originally Posted by Fitz View Post
    Yes the plot is to have millions of people buy her stuff and thus causing the world to listen to her music. M that actually just sounds like an artist trying to make sells. M yes just a normal persontrying to make money
    Dude, relax, it's just an artist. If you like her that's cool, but to me she's down there with Justin Bieber, Jay Z and Kanye. If these people, and many more, had never become famous, I strongly believe that the overall intelligence of society would increase. can also be said that the decrease of intelligence is what caused this to happen...Chicken or the egg, whatcha' gonna' do?...

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    Re: Beyonce

    Quote Originally Posted by IchisaMiku View Post
    I just looked at her butt.....hehehe
    me too..........what else is there to look at

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