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    619 Prediction #2

    konoha's beginnings.

    orochimaru: kukuku. now sasuke lets get down to it.
    sasuke: hold on. ill talk to them one by one. given madara is still there despite being an edo tensei, it stands to reason they may be able to get out of your control as well.
    orochimaru: i am using the more advanced edo tensei kabuto used. the talismans control their movements. so do not worry.
    hokage number 1, hashirama wakes up.
    hashirama: edo tensei again, huh? you are a strong brat aren't you?
    orochimaru: more than strong, hashirama senju.
    hashirama: so i am well known in this that chakra..?
    juugo: that is the ten tailed beast, resurected by madara uchiha.
    hashirama: so madara survived after all...

    100 years ago.
    madara and hashirama stand face to face, standing on a field.
    madara: a friendship with an uchiha is not lightly thrown aside, "first hokage".
    hashirama: mad, what is this madness? why did you leave the village?
    madara: i must show everyone the way.
    hashirama: this is without honor!
    madara: no konoha is without honor! the senju ordered that my clan cast me out. i've been betrayed by everyone, even you. get out of my way. you're all scum. i should have been the leader.
    hashirama: madara, you need to come back. don't go down this path. you still have a family.
    madara: my family..hates me.
    hashirama: i don't.
    madara: DO YOU THINK I CARE? DIE!
    madara's scythe slices at hashirama's face who dodges then draws a kunai. they engage in a furious kenjutsu exchange, too fast for the human eye.
    madara: fire style: giant rolling fireball!
    hashirama: wood style: hardened wood wall!
    the two jutsus collide, and the wood turns to molten coal. hashirama jumps out of the way as madara screams. he unleashes a barrage of kunais from his belt, which hashirama barely dodges.
    hashirama: earth style: sand spear!
    madara: mangekeyo sharingan!
    the sand spear dissipates on susano's ribs. then he thrusts four thick wooden logs from his hand, and they too splinter on the defence.
    hashirama: damn it!'ve grown stronger since we last duelled, mad.
    madara: DON'T CALL ME THAT! i'm stronger than you EVER were! summoning technique!
    his sharingan whirls with power. a dark orange behemoth bursts forth as if from the darkest depths of hell.
    hashirama: the kyuubi...madara you didn't...
    *end flashback*

    shodai clutches his fist.
    sasuke: yes. he broke the edo tensei somehow.
    hashirama: i know about that. if he is an edo tensei then he must have died after all. who are you then? you resemble him
    sasuke: im his descendant, uchiha sasuke. the last living member of the uchiha clan.
    hashirama: !
    sasuke: my clan was wiped out by a partnership of tobi and uchiha itachi, who was on orders from the konoha higher ups.
    hashirama: why didn't saru do anything?
    sasuke: ...
    hashirama: hiruzen sarutobi, my student. he was a strong one. he defeated me once before.
    orochimaru: it didn't take, as we know.
    sasuke: sarutobi did try to stop itachi but time ran out.
    hashirmaa looks over to the others.
    hashirama; do you know who that blonde kid is? was he a hokage too?
    orochimaru: that is minato namikaze, the fourth hokage.
    hashirama: so what is going on? why did you summon me?
    sasuke: i'd like to have a talk about why you created konoha and why the senju came to oppress the uchihas.

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    Re: 619 Prediction #2

    I like it ^.^ good job

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    Re: 619 Prediction #2

    Nice keep it up men.

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