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    The Hokage

    Firstly... I expected something like this. Tobirama would be the harsh one and Hashi would have a personality of a child( or something similar).
    Hashi seems to trust the Uchiha too much whereas Tobirama doesnt. But it has been cleared that the Uchiha were made the police as Tobirama wanted to use their powers for the sake of the village, and not to spy on them. Its nice to see hiruzen after so many years. And Minato talking with the other hokages was just too epic and funny. I wonder who would win a hokage battle royale?? Bte he still seems to have some respect for Oro as he called him Orochimaru-san.

    One thing I didnt understand though, what did they say about the Sharingan? Does Tobirama mean that A sharingan awakens when uchiha members have experienced love or does it appear when something they love might be lost?

    As it turns out, Kishi is going to make the Uchiha Clan into some evil and twisted clan as a whole.

    7/10 for this chapter. Cant wait for the next one.

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    Re: The Hokage

    can't wait for the next one too

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    Re: The Hokage

    well im pretty sure it was clear how to awaken your Sharigan Someone that's close to you die this was just more detailed
    The sharigan is basically a ***** moment
    ***** moment- A momment with ignorance overwhelms the mind of an otherwise reasonable negro-man[or Uchiha]

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