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    Naruto Fan Fic Naruto's Choice Chapter 2 Part 4 Itachi Retrieval Arc

    Part 4

    Itachi - Well This Going To Take A Little Longer Then I Thought
    Naruto - Itachi I Just Want To Talk
    Itachi - To Bad I Don't Feel Like Talking To You At All Naruto
    Naruto - Forgive Sasuke
    Itachi - Tsukuyomi !!!
    Itachi Casts Tsukuyomi On Naruto
    Naruto's Mind
    (Kurama) - ( Kurama Wake The Hell Up Naruto)
    (Naruto) - ( Thanks Kurama)
    (Kurama) - ( Hmf)
    Real World
    Naruto Break The Tsukuyomi
    Itachi Drops Down On One Knee And Covering His Left Eye
    Itachi - Imposable How Can Someone Without The Mangekyou Sharingan Or A Kekkei Genkai Break The Tsukuyomi
    Naruto - To Break A Genjutsu Of Any Level You Need Someone To Give You Chakra The Nine Tail's Is The One The Who Helped Me Break The Genjutsu
    Naruto - All Genjutsu Have No Effect On Jinchūriki's Who Have Full Control Of Ther Bijuu
    Itachi - Well That Explains How You Broke The Tsukuyomi
    Itachi - But The Next One Can't Be Broken
    Naruto - (thought bubble) - (He Going To Use The Amaterasu Already He Most Be Really Trying To Beat Me At All Costs)
    Itachi Most Some Hand Sigh's
    Itachi - Amater... Ugh
    Itachi Drop And Spits Out Blood
    Naruto - Itachi Are You Ok
    Itachi - Am...ater...asu !!!!
    Naruto Enter Bijuu Moder Version 1
    Amaterasu Hits Naruto
    Itachi - Got You Now Burn
    Naruto - Ha Hahahahahaha
    Naruto Wipes The Black Flame Off Like They Were Just Dirt On His Shirt
    Itachi Has A Very Shocked Look On His Face
    Itachi Tries To Stand But Falls Down
    Itachi - Yo..u..r Your The Golden Man Deidara And Sasori Spoke Of
    Naruto - They Should Be Dead Oh Wait Of Course
    Naruto - (thought bubble) - (Damn You Obito)
    Itachi - What
    Naruto - Nothing
    Naruto Form 5 Chakra Tails
    Naruto - Ok This Is The End
    The 5 Chakra Tails Form Fists At The Ends Of Them And They All Head For Itachi
    Naruto - What The
    Itachi - Susanoo
    The End
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    Re: Naruto Fan Fic Naruto's Choice Chapter 2 Part 4 Itachi Retrieval Arc

    Well that was interesting

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    Re: Naruto Fan Fic Naruto's Choice Chapter 2 Part 4 Itachi Retrieval Arc

    what the hell???

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    Re: Naruto Fan Fic Naruto's Choice Chapter 2 Part 4 Itachi Retrieval Arc

    why fanfics in this section

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