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    Wind's Customs

    My Custom Jutsu

    Custom Jutsu I have Learned From Others
    (Meiton No Jutsu) - Dark Release Technique
    Rank: C
    Type: Supplementary/Attack/Defence
    Range: Short - Mid
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Damage Points: 30
    Description: The user can make small dark release energy blasts , shields or any form he wishes to make through the usage of dark release although it's not a solid matter as it's substance is almost like the wind release.
    - Can only be used 5 times per match
    - Can only be taught by ~Crow~


    (Meiton: Zetsumei Kōsen) - Dark Release: Death Beam
    Rank: S
    Type: Attack
    Range: Long
    Chakra Cost: 40
    Damage Points: 80 [+20 if absorbed a B-rank technique using inhaling maw beforehand]
    Description: The user gathers a large amount of dark chakra into both of his palms then he brings his hands in front of him while his palms are facing crossed angles as the user releases the dark chakra Into a small condensed black orb that looks the same as the tailed beast bomb through the usage of shape manipulation, then the user releases a large black beam that covers a wide area and thrusts at fast speeds in the desired location due to the high concentration of the black orb, the user can enhance the beam's power by using the energy absorbed through the usage of the inhaling maw technique beforehand which is a separate technique and must be done in the same turn that this technique is used in.
    Note: Can only be used 2 times per battle
    Note: No dark release techniques higher than A-rank for 2 turns after this turn.
    Note: Can only be taught by ~Crow~


    (Meiton: Kyūkōshin) - Dark Release: Darkness Inversion
    Type: Supplementary
    Rank: B
    Range: Short
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: This is an advanced usage of the "Dark Release: Inhaling Maw" Technique, which is used to absorb chakra, however instead of absorbing a ninjutsu technique's chakra, whenever the opponent puts the user inside a genjutsu, after knowing that it's a genjutsu that was used on him the user concentrates a large amount of Dark Release chakra into both of his hands into the upper square mark in both hands, extracting the physical and spiritual of the opponent's chakra inside the user's body, and absorbing the opponent's chakra from the body releasing the genjutsu, it's also possible to free other people being put inside a genjutsu however the user has to know for sure that the person they are absorbing the genjutsu chakra from is under a genjutsu, or the user is going to end up absorbing some of that person's chakra making them weaker, it only works on allies within range or the user himself, after absorbing the opponent's chakra the user can use it as a medium to release through the "Dark Release: Judgment" technique (if the Genjutsu was B-Rank or above).
    Note: Can only be used thrice per battle.
    Note: Works on A-rank and below Genjutsu techniques excluding MS level genjutsu.


    (Meiton: Akumate) - Dark Release: Devil's Kata
    Type: Offense , Supplementary
    Rank: A
    Range: Short
    Chakra Cost: 30 (+10 per turn)
    Damage Points: N/A (+15 to Taijutsu)
    Description: This is a dark release technique used for hand to hand combat purposes, after using the "Dark Release: Inhaling Maw" technique beforehand to absorb the opponent's chakra and have it within the upper square mark of the diamond shape in their hands and spreading it out through their whole bodies, the user releases portions of the charka absorbed from the opponent when performing Taijutsu techniques or freeform combat, boosting up the power of there taijutsu techniques and having a certain amount of pressure with each punch that's enough to blow an opponent away several meters when struck with a hit from the user's body while this technique is active. This technique also allows the user to destroy boulders, rocks or the ground itself from the build up pressure (all within reason and to lower extents than those of Chakra Enhanced Strenght) that's released from the portions of chakra, however due to the limit of the chakra the user absorbed before using this technique it doesn't last long.
    Note: Can only be used 4 times.
    Note: Lasts 2 turns.
    Note: While active, user can't use Dark Release techniques, while molding Earth, Water or Wind chakras will dispel the effects of the technique.


    (Fuuton: kaze kakujuu) - Wind style: Wind expansion
    Type: Attack/Defence
    Rank: A
    Range: Short - long
    Chakra Cost:30
    Damage Points: + 25
    Description: After releasing a wind jutsu the user will perform 2 handseals as they release there chakra into the wind jutsu. In doing so, the user will increase the power and size of the wind jutsu boosting any wind jutsu by 25 damage points. By the increase in chakra the wind gains more power as it increases the power of the wind blast aswell as the size by expanding the wind currents.

    Note: Can only use used on wind the user or the users summon has created
    Note: Can only be used once one each wind jutsu creates
    Note: can only be used 3 times


    (Meiton Kemuri) Dark Release: Dark Smoke
    Type: Supplementary
    Rank: A-rank
    Range: Mid
    Chakra: 30
    Damage: -
    Description: The user preforms three hand seals, and then gathers up dark chakra into there mouth. Then they blow out a thick purple smoke like fog that has such force that it can down medium to large trees within it's path. This technique also drains the chakra of whoever is caught into it. The smoke like fog is so dense that only very high ranked wind techniques are able to blow it away. The fog drains enough chakra that the victim is only able to use A-rank and below techniques.
    Note: Takes the fog one turn to form.
    Note: The fog lasts for 3 turns once formed.
    Note: Can only be used 3 times per match.
    Note: S-rank wind techniques are the only techniques able to blow away the smoke like fog.
    Note: Person trapped in the fog can only use A-rank and below techniques for two turns.
    Note: Can only be taught by Nathan.


    (Meiton: Gōsuto Hanabi) Dark Release: Ghastly Fireworks
    Type: Offensive
    Rank: A-rank
    Range: Short to Mid range
    Chakra: 30
    Damage: 60
    After the absorbing the enemy's energy based technique using Dark Release: Inhaling Maw the user will mold the chakra from Inhaling Maw into their left arm, then user extends their arm forward and releases ghosts from a sphere in his/her left wrist. They seem to follow a set and guided path and they differentiate from it but they can cause enough damage to an opponent by slamming and leaving deep burning marks onto there stomach. The ghosts the user fires are only small (about two feet wide and five feet long) and shoots what seems to be an endless wave of Dark Fireworks.

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