This is my first time writing down something I've been working on for a couple of years. Please tell me what you think.

Listen child to the story of a man who's life was so touched by destiny, he could literally shape the world with his thoughts and shape the wills of men with a simple kind act. His destiny was made for him more than five hundred years before he was born.

The mans destiny was foretold at the end of the second Great War between the countries of Scarpa. A mage by the name of Agnor meditates on what has happened to the land and he has a vision of far into the future. Abnormal saw a young boy finding a dragon's egg and a dire wolf pup, the vision jumps to the boy training under men with a strange flower embroidered on their breast. The vision continues to when the boy was a man, he rescues a princess with weapons that seeed to gleem like they were made from some precious gemstone. Agnor saw one last thing, the man sits on a throne and rules over all of Scarpa in a time of the greatest peace the world would ever know.

When Agnor came to himself he wrote this prophecy:
A boy will find the egg of a dragon and the offspring of the hounds of hell and raise them as brothers
Bound by magic these three, the lily protect and serve this warrior Mage who fights with precious gem rescues princess and unites the land in great peace.

For many years Agnor created the Order of the Lily out of the great Mages and warriors to help this future come into being.

That is all the story of the warrior Mage, Logan "the dragon" Wolfheart, that I will tell you today. Reflect on what I have told you and come back when you understand it's importance as to why you are hear to train.

Thanks again for reading, please tell me what you think.