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There are 3 possible places the yin chakra can be.
Either the chakra is sealed within minato, which I think is unlikely, or the chakra has returned to kurama, which I hope is right, and then the third option, which I now hatefully believe, the chakra is in the DR.

When a stomach is cut, everything spills out. Oro should not be able to choose what comes out and what doesn’t. Even though it looks like only 5 things came out, I hope that the chakra (which isn’t necessarily a spirit, so you wouldn’t think that it would make a spirit shape thing) returned to kurama.

Today is the Chinese new year. The year of the snake.
Oro will probably become a person with major influence (even more lol), and possible be the major antagonist soon.
Haha yup, I also hope the yin chakra of Kurama is floating towards Naruto at the moment.

My only problem is that people have shown to be able to sense Kurama's chakra. Especially Oro who has shown pretty impressive sensing abilities was bound to sense it yet he didn't utter a word about it. I hope this is just Kishi's way of creating suspension, otherwise I'll be pretty disappointed if it isn't mentioned again.