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    Naruto Manga 612 (prediction) I found this an interesting read "enjoy or not ")

    Enjoy the read or not
    Sorry its Naruto Manga prediction 621 not 612 my apologies

    1st: and now that you know everythings, what are you gonna do, little Uchiha?


    2nd: come on lets go, we have to take care of Madara instead of lose time here!!!

    1st: be quiet Tobirama! I want an answer! beside we can't go anywhere, thanks to your technique!

    Oro: kukuku....

    Sasuke: i need time to think about everythings you said. i have no answer for you firs hokage now, but don't worry I'm not going to destroi the leaf for the moment. I made a promise to someone and I want to keep it! I promised to not attack the village until I beat a certain person.

    Sui: so what you gonna do next?

    Sasuke: we go to meet Madara, I want to know his version of the story!!! Lets go!

    Oro: I don't think so! now you will face me! this wil be very different from last time! You are mine! Don't worry Sasuke, I will not use the Kage, my jutsu will be enought to get rid of you!

    Sasuke jump away and activate is EMS, then he fired a fire ball to Oro, who dodges easily. they both extrat their sword and run against each other. their about to clash when they suddendly stop because of a kunai trown bewin them by someone unknown. Minato teleported to that kunai and hit Oro with a rasengan in the the chest!
    Then we see Orochimaru flying away screaming!

    Everybody: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oro: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! that's not possible!! I can't belive it! how? how have you menage to get free?

    we see a FTG tatoo on orochimaru. Minato teleport againt next to him and put an hand on him and a seal appear ( just like he did with tobi to free the kyubi)

    Minato: I have studied Tobirama-sama space-time techniqe to develope my own. when I became hokage the duty to protect the leaf village was on my shoulder. So i start to cosidered all the possible threat for the village and take precaution. I even studied how the edo tensei work, to find a way to stop it in case someone would have used against the village. but i only menaged to find a way to break the bond betwin the caster and the edo.

    2nd: To find a way to break the bon... Good job! That's the wikness of this jutsu! there is nothing worst than have an immortal opponent to deal with!

    1st: looks like you choose a fine successor, Sarutobi-chan!!!

    2nd: Now we have to stop Madara! Lets go!

    1st: Freeze! You are not going anywhere! You stay here! I and the others Kage will take care of Madara! You have another duty to accomplice!

    2nd: what are you talking about?

    1st: You have to take care of this Orochimaru! It your responsability because you created the Edo Tensei! so now is your responsability! i don't want anybody use this technique again!

    2nd: **** you! ...... ok i will take care of him!!!

    3rd: may I assist you, tobirama-sama? after all I failed sat time in killing him. now i can finish the job!

    2nd: as you wish, if my brother agree...

    1st: fine. and you sasuke? coming with me and Minato?

    Sasuke: yes. i want to meet Madara and I don't care about this snake!

    1st: well! We spend enought time here. Let's go. It will take a while to arrive there.

    Minato: thats not correct Lord first Hokage.

    1st: what do you mean? could use the tachnique we saw before to teleport to the battlefild?

    Minato: Maybe. My technique teleport my every where I have put a special marck, like the one on this kunai. so if one of theme is on the battlefild i can teleport us there with no problem.

    Sasuke: so it's usless. nobody has ever user your FTG.

    Minato: I know. Its secret died with me and my wife. But maybe we are lucky. When my first student became a Junin I give him one of my kunai as a gift. I know he will always carry that kunai with him. So tell me do you know a Konoha ninja with white hair and with his left eye always cover? Is name is Hatake Kakashi, is he steal alive?

    Sasuke:!!!!!! Kakashi-sensei.... he was my former teacher. yes he sould be alive. but i don't know for sure.

    Minato: Let's try... in the worst case scenario we will be teleportet inside Konoha or in fron of is grave. anyway we will be close to the battlefild. Lord Hashirama if you are ready to leave, come here and put a hand on my shoulder. Sasuke you and your crew do the same. It's time to say hello to my former student and to see how much my son grow!

    Sasuke:!!!!!!!!(thinking: the 4th, now that he talked about a son... he remaind me....Naruto!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Hashirama, Sasuke&co and Minato vanish in a yellow flash

    3rd: now Orochimaru let's end this! Sensei, please let me fight alone!

    2nd: as you wish.

    Orochimaru: Sarutobi-sensei. ready to die again?

    On the battlefild

    Madara had made some woodclone, which are in "walking susano'o" mode and are fightin with the alliance
    Naruto and Hinata are fighting whith madara alone, kakashi and gay with obito
    the Juby is slowly recovering and strat to get up

    Suddendly: Mokuton Multi-Mokuryuu No Jutsu. Mokuton Multi-Mini-Mokujin no Jutsu

    a 100 of wood dragon attack the Juby and block it on the group and some Mini Wood golem attack and destrid madara wood clone!

    Madara: what the hell! Impossible! How could he be here!!! I died long ago!

    1st: Hello Madara, it's been a wile! I told my brother that the edotensei wasn't somthing good. you should be dead long ago too.

    everybody stop fighting and look with shock!

    Naruto: what! another ****ing edo to deal with? who is this bastard?

    Kakashi: he... he is the 1st Hokage Senju Hashirama, but how and who?

    unknown: maybe I could help you. I'm glad you two are fine!

    Naruto: Dad?!?!?!?!?!
    Kakashi: Senpai!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Back to Oro, Tobi and Saru

    we see orochimaru smiling while loking to his former teacher

    Oro: finally! I menaged to put a "control kunai" in your head sensei. you are mine again!

    2nd: Shit! I was careless!

    Oro: and now Lord 2nd are you ready?

    2nd: I have to admit, you are stronger that I expected. you easiky take contro of Sarutobi. but with me will be a complite different thing!

    Oro: kukukukukuku!

    2nd since you are usin an Edo against me, i should use mine too. My edo are differnt from yours, because they are much weaker than the original, but even if they are weaker the when they were alive, they are strong as my old brother. I promised to not use them for the rest of my life, but since I'm death: Summoning Edo Tensei!!!!!!!!!


    2nd: I used them only one time in my life, when I was almost killed by the Hidden Cloud Gold Twins. I'm glad to introduce Heihachi e Kazuya Mishima.

    Oro:kukukuku.... who are they? I never heard of them! must be a bluff

    2nd: No bluff. you don't know their name, nut I'm sure you know them. Those are the Rikuddo Sennin Sons!!!!!

    The End
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    Re: Naruto Manga 612 (prediction) I found this an interesting read "enjoy or not ")

    Chapter 612 was "Shinobi Alliance No Jutsu" AKA probably the worst chapter of Naruto.

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    Re: Naruto Manga 612 (prediction) I found this an interesting read "enjoy or not ")

    Hehehe think u mean 621 dude...........nice try though

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    Re: Naruto Manga 612 (prediction) I found this an interesting read "enjoy or not ")

    I like this prediction, seems very plausible!

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    Re: Naruto Manga 612 (prediction) I found this an interesting read "enjoy or not ")

    This will never happen

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    Re: Naruto Manga 612 (prediction) I found this an interesting read "enjoy or not ")

    Good shot, man)

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    Re: Naruto Manga 612 (prediction) I found this an interesting read "enjoy or not ")

    Trust me next couple of chapters gon be nothing by Hashi vs Madara

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    Re: Naruto Manga 612 (prediction) I found this an interesting read "enjoy or not ")

    This shit was horrible.

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    Re: Naruto Manga 612 (prediction) I found this an interesting read "enjoy or not ")

    :rofl: if that happened i really want to see orochimaru's face , + rep

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    Re: Naruto Manga 612 (prediction) I found this an interesting read "enjoy or not ")

    Nice One

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