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    Re: MARCH THE RETURN OF FILLERS kishimoto used filler no jutsu

    YOU are being misconception
    - PPL dislike fillers as for now because they are totally impatient right before the moment of monumental huge epicness and how far behind the anime to the manga which pisses everyone off. I had to admit that right now, the studio didn't deliver good quality, bad animations, not as good as it used to be but deep inside us fans souls, We love the content that fills in the plot that we all adore. Plus those who read manga clearly sees that naruto is coming to its ends, and wants good fillers so it doesnt has to end sooner.

    - I don't LIKE ALL FILLERS!! As I've said before, I only like Fillers that are either completely relevant to the plot, or fillers arc plots that persue my interest if it had the overall good story wise, good animation, good foreshadowing, characters development, etc
    The thing I hate sooo much about FILLERS is if its "RANDOM" or "FLASHBACK", these are what consider as SHITTY, BAD, HORRIBLE, CRAPPY, and POINTLESS that shows the negative outcome of Naruto. These "TYPES" of Fillers are waste of time. At that time, I usually hate fillers since after Pain arc, the flashback was annoying, but whats even more worse is that the fricken SAILING FILLER ARC, I gave up on watching Naruto shippuden series because it totally obligated from the main plot in Naruto.

    - 90% People here in this Forum dislike more fillers than people like .
    Now to break apart for the 90%
    65% enjoys some fillers, but dislike some animations, stuff that lacks and Annoys with how far behind the anime to manga
    25% hate fillers completely
    10% loves Fillers

    - Still it doesn't change a thing whether people likes fillers or not, as if right now, Fillers continue to bring Naruto a better series and we should atleast be happy that we are seeing war fillers like sound 4 rather than random/flashback crap.

    But anyway you only believe and assume all Fillers are bad so I'll put you one of the 25% who hates fillers.
    While I am one of the 65% who enjoys some fillers.

    Okay Here is all the list which are consider as good Fillers:

    Sora Filler Arc= Okay- Decent
    3 Tails Filler Arc= Good (+) - Great
    6 Tails Filler Arc = Decent - Good (+)
    4th Great Shinobi World War Arc (Filler Plot) = Okay- Good (+)
    Chikara Filler Arc = Good (+) - Great

    Quote Originally Posted by ShippudenRules View Post
    You can talk all you want but everyone knows that Naruto fillers are not good overall. Name me fillers that were actually good? Only a few were decent and the rest were atrocious. I never said that I don't want the animation team to expand the Naruto serie but they are not doing it well. It's not quality stuff. If you like them, good for you but like 90% of the post, people are tired of Shitty fillers.

    You can believe all you want that you're a bigger fan them me, which you aren't. If this next filler is good, I will apologize but if it sucks, you will look stupid.

    I won't leave this base now because I don't want to and I'll die of old age. You like so much fillers that I'm sure that even if the following ones suck, you will enjoy them and say that nothing is wrong with them.
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    Re: MARCH THE RETURN OF FILLERS kishimoto used filler no jutsu

    . He made the anime, he deserves to do it how he wants and I think the fillers are good. Fillers are answering most of the peoples questions on here so be greatful for that. War would be too fast if it didnt have fillers.

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