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    Re: The top 10 strongest characters....

    Dont do these, they will just cause flaming when someone notices you put itachi above minato, or anyone above obito.

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    Re: The top 10 strongest characters....

    since this is the anime section ill keep things spoiler free

    1. Rikudo Sennin
    2. Kabuto
    3. Orochimaru
    4. Kyuubi
    5. Hashirama Senju
    6. Madara Uchiha
    7. Killer Bee
    8. Hachibi
    9. Naruto
    10. Nagato Uzumaki
    2- Madara Uchiha
    3- Obito Uchiha
    why spoil it for the anime only people? anime only wise, obito is fodder trash.
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