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    kill all fapboys who worship
    cartoon ninjas that dont even
    know they exist

    help finding a sound

    so like....its been bugging me for a while but there is a sound/ost im tryna the naruto anime it plays in episode 276 right where gedo is fully summoned on the front lines..and it was played in the last episode too right where the seal was coming out of tayuya....any help in finding that sound/ost? im mainly looking for that chorus/vocal part....

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    It's the remix to ignition Hot
    and fresh out the kitchen Mama
    rollin that body got every man
    in here wishin Sippin on coke
    and rum I'm like so what I'm
    drunk It's the freakin weekend
    baby I'm about to have me some

    Re: help finding a sound

    well i could download the video put it in windows movie maker cut the sound to only hear it...

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