Churches are trending i think i know why...Neji will come back blind but the best....!!!!!!!! if u look at the lastest shippuden episode relased it shows neji helping hinata get her eye sight back.. during this he walks threw "The valley of "judgement"or "Hell" "a place with no "light" "he is the only one who can see there: .."to me this symbolizes christ after he sacrificed him self for us and his walk threw hell "naruto as the blond hair blue eyes demon sakura as the bride and neji the noble cause, as we just seen in the manga 614.. neji will return better than ever in my opinion with no eyes but the hearts eye he'll never die again if he's really a genius he'll find his way back..if not clfukl naruto and tell the producer he a capital Dussy for lettn the demonic characters live on while the clean sprits die off... please share opinion and repost