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    Re: Your choice in women, be honest

    Quote Originally Posted by Badapdos View Post
    Once again I do not fill like going on With such pointless Arguments,But Formal isn't only meant by Teacher Or higher up , It's Meant also by Somone you have just met,or Someone that is not Your friend that you talk to everyday.

    Dismissed , Have a nice day Sir/Ms
    Okei, see ya around ^^

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    Re: Your choice in women, be honest

    I would pick the looks over the personality if its that extreme but, id want it to be a 50/50 thing a "female dog" aint a good thing if you are an ambitous man

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    Re: Your choice in women, be honest

    i feel like i deserve a good looking women ......but nice at the same time ....but that doesnt exist

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    Re: Your choice in women, be honest

    Quote Originally Posted by Zenic View Post
    I hear a lot of people saying "I don't care about looks, personality matters" and honestly, I think that's all bullcrap. So you're saying if a girl looks like this:
    but has the personality of an angel you would choose her over a beautiful supermodel?

    I myself don't care for stuck up women but looks is a 60% factor for me in a women. I prefer a gorgeous women with an average personality than a girl that looks like that and has a personality of an angel.

    What do you say? And please don't lie saying "Looks aren't everything" because in most cases they are.

    I believe I haven't violated any rules but if you find this thread offensive VM me and I'll be happy to take it down
    ^'s the way I was raised. Women/ladies who weren't blessed with supermodel beauty need to be loved too ya know.

    As for me...ha! The money I make now...I could fix that girl up nicely with the state of the art cosmetics if she wanted to boost her self esteem. Then she would go around looking like a million bucks.


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