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    "Unaffected" ch. 2 part 2 update.

    Sorry guys, i have been super busy with life blah blah but i know none of you really care about that. haha i was just letting you guys know that there should be a new fan fic of mine coming out in 1-2 weeks so be looking forward to it.

    i am typing it up the very first rough draft of part 2 of chapter 2.

    here is a screenshot. if you dont want to spoil anything and read the main version, ill edit it about 3-4 times so each time, ill add more detail and it will be better. take my word for it.

    if you havnt read any of my chapters on my fanfics, the link is in my sig. i usually rep everyone who everyone who gives me constructive criticism or just lets me know whats working and what not. check it out, its a short read. i promise. haha


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    Re: "Unaffected" ch. 2 part 2 update.

    Please don't promote a short length as a good thing. That only makes it harder for me to sell my comparatively long chapters. Even though they aren't that long.

    You seem to put a good bit of effort into it. Should be cool.

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    You can't just give someone
    creativity injection. You have
    to create an environment for
    curiousity to develop and a
    way to get the best out of

    Re: "Unaffected" ch. 2 part 2 update.

    Loved it!

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