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    1st Hokage vs Madara.

    First I'm going to start by stating the FACT the Uchiha are extremely powerful Ninjas who have proven time and time again, you don't F*&k with them.

    Now that being said, Madara the most powerful Uchiha (Pending Sasuke's full power reveal) admitted several times that the 1st was stronger.

    Madara never once beat the 1st, and it was clear that they where equals. However the end result (Madara losing) was final and unchangeable. It doesn't matter how he lost, he just lost. Kishimoto is the god of the Naruto-verse and he is the one who limits the power of each character. He made the 1st beat Madara and that's final.

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    Just Guessing

    Re: 1st Hokage vs Madara.

    I agree to this

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