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    FanFiction of The Month Rules

    FanFiction of the Month RULES:

    No one is allowed to advertise the fanfic contest in order to make them vote. This means sending links through vms/pms/etc is not allowed. No exceptions.
    Fanfics must use proper grammar and punctuation.
    FF chapters must have a decent word count -anything less than 600 words per chapter is not acceptable. (This rule is subject to change)
    If your FF is going to be submitted by YOU it must be written/edited by YOU. Do not steal the works of others.
    To take part you need to fill in the given form.
    If more than 2 members wrote a FF together, one person submits for both. [Max is 3 people working together]
    TO TAKE PART IN THIS CONTEST YOUR FanFiction MUST HAVE 3 CHAPTERS. Please make sure your chapters are posted on this site in the FF section!
    You may enter with any 3 chapters granted that they are in order. And have not been submitted (and won with) before. And if they have not been won with they can be submitted every 3 contests.

    Voting with multiple accounts is not allowed, and neither is asking people to vote for you.
    Not following forum rules/receiving serious infractions/bans provides grounds to be disqualified from any NB contest. So follow the rules and behave.
    You can't vote for your own work.
    You can't vote for your own work.
    You can't vote for your own work.

    If you have any questions/problems regarding the contest contact Lawliet via pm or vm.

    * Submissions like this:
    ~I wish to take part~

    Username: Name of Member
    Fan Fiction Title: Name of FanFic
    [B]Link to your Fan fiction chapter 1:[/B]
    Link to your Fan fi
    ction chapter 2:
    Link to your Fan fiction chapter 3:
    will no longer be accepted, submit like this and your post will be ignored.
    Reason being i end up removing it anyway!

    Max number of submissions is 8 per month. First in, first served. [First in meaning first with 3 complete chapters]

    ~Disobeying the rules will get you disqualified~
    ~Making fun, insulting or flaming in any way any contestant or his/her work, will get you immediately infracted~
    ~Posting things like: "Mine was better" or "I don't understand how this FF won" will be considered an insult towards both NB staff and NB members and of course you will get immediately infracted~
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