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    Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 627 Discussion and 628 Predictions

    I can't believe I'm saying this but I really miss naruto scene with the hashirama & co saga finished it's time to see what kishi has in store for us. To be honest the sasuke answer thing took too long without a fight so I would rather just see then appear on the field when their ready. As for naruto no more rasengan or rasenshuriken gived some wind something and seen he gave his chakra what level of damage have they all mustered up since then remember juubi should be running wild since they separated both obito & madara from the beast.
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    Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 627 Discussion and 628 Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by animeblend View Post
    Orochimaru is not a good guy. He has been evil this entire manga, since the chuunin exams in part 1. There is no way he is going to change. Madara is evil from jealousy, obito is evil from a broken heart, orochimaru has never been a good guy.
    Wrong, Pervy sage said (to naruto) that Oro changed after his parents were killed!

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