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    Watch Dogs to arrive at PS4 launch

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    Ubisoft's open world hacking game hits the UK on November 22nd
    Upcoming open world action adventure Watch Dogs from Ubisoft has been dated for November 22nd launch in the UK, and November 19th in the US.
    Those dates are for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC. But the publisher has also confirmed that the game is expected to hit PS4 when the system is launched later this year.
    The publishers has also promised an additional 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay for the PS4 version in the form of DLC.
    Watch Dogs is being developed Ubisoft Montreal, with assistance from a number of Ubisoft’s global studios, including Reflections and Ubisoft Romania.
    The game follows Aiden Pearce, a skilled hacker, as he makes his way through an alternative urban city, gripped by crime in an age of cyber warfare.

    Rep is appreciated

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    Re: Watch Dogs to arrive at PS4 launch

    Your not allowed to ask for Rep. But.....

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    Re: Watch Dogs to arrive at PS4 launch

    This is pretty much old news bro and i posted this info ages ago lol just letting u know

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