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    Beginning my Nuzlocke

    DragonSage's Nuzlocke Adventure Part 1!

    So before I begin, here are the rules of the challenge I'm taking.

    1. If a Pokemon faints for any reason, I have to release it.

    2. I have to catch the first pokemon I see in an area that isn't a a duplicate.

    3. I must nickname every pokemon that I find.

    4. I cannot trade. If that means I can't get certain pokemon's third evolution, I just have to suck it up

    5. I have to have the battle style on set.

    6. I cannot heal via a pokemon center. I can only use items, so I grind at my own risk.

    7. I can only buy one pokeball per pokemart, and it must be the lowest level pokeball in the store.

    8. No legendaries, and if I see one, I have to kill it. I am not allowed to flee from a pokemon ever.

    9. No using the day care center.

    10. Have fun!!!

    So we have my name... Da Jugganaut!

    And my rival's name, Charles Xavier.

    Just a kid with dreams of becoming a Pokemon master...

    Gotta get that potion Mom gave me for Christmas.

    Sayin' bye to Mom before starting my Pokemon adventure!

    Whoops. My bad.

    Nothin' like a good staredown.


    Good old Charmy, preparing to serve me well. Or not. Hopefully so.

    Of course you will...

    I'll make you eat those words!

    He has no chance...

    I may have underestimated him...

    Never mind. You can't run Charles!

    Better believe it.

    Stole his birthday money too.

    Smell ya later, player hater.

    I emerge victorious!

    Hi! Give me free stuff.

    This Pidgey actually believes...

    Wonder if the good stuff's in here...

    That Pidgey got stronger since our last fight.

    Charmy wins the fight yet again, but wounded.

    I performed the errand he never technically asked me to do, but I have to if I ever want to leave Viridian...

    Charles! What has he showed up here for? Could it have anything to do with the parcel? Tune in later to find out!

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    Re: DragonSage's Nuzlocke Adventure Part 1!

    Great thread! Nuzlocke is pretty cool

    But just letting you know, you put this in the wrong section..This is the Fan Club's section

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    Dafuq is 14?

    Re: DragonSage's Nuzlocke Adventure Part 1!

    I'm doing a Nuzlocke challenge right now too

    But your rules are pretty strict...good luck!

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