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    The Legend Of Legendary Heroes

    General Info:

    Series Name:The Legend Of Legendary Heroes - Densetsu Yuusha No Densetsu

    Year of Serialization: Jul 2, 2010

    Author(s): Kagami, Takaya

    Artist(s): Toyota, Saori

    Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen

    Current Status: Completed

    Moment of Reviewing: Ending Of The Series ( well i don't think you can really call that the ending )

    Other Formats:

    • Light Novel Kagami, Takaya (Story), Toyota, Saori (Art)

    • Manga by Kagami Takaya (Script) Nagakura Hiroko, Toyota Saori (ART)

    Series Summary:

    Based on a novel series which was published in 2002, Denyuden is a story of Ryner Lute, a lazy guy who wants nothing more than to sleep for ten thousand years, and his relationship with his best friend, Sion Astal, an idealist king who finds himself facing the harsh reality of the world. The story follows Ryner as he tries to deal with the world who sees him just as a monster, and Sion, who finds himself getting further and further away from the dream of creating an ideal country without any sadness

    Critical Review:

    The legend of the legendary heroes seems to be very good at leaving bad first impressions. I mean, just by looking at the name, generic character designs, boring looking synopsis and a badly done first episode, it is very easy to dismiss the series as an uninteresting fantasy based around the same old beaten-to-the-death ideas. But here's the thing, although the name suggests otherwise, deep down Denyuden is a charming series which knows how to take itself seriously.

    I have to say, Denyuden walks a very dangerous line as it tries to mix humor with themes like drama and betrayal, but it manages very well and I just loved the way the mood suddenly changes from silly comedy to deadly politics in this show. Not only that, there are many other elements like saving the world, sad childhood, betrayal, young leaders etc which can easily go wrong and destroy the show, but they are used well and only contribute in making the show more enjoyable.

    Although the story of Denyuden is not the series’ best part, it is still impressive. There are many interesting elements in the plot(Alpha stigma, Hero relics) and as the plot moves further, the questions just keep on increasing. The series also does a very good job on answering the questions yet not answering them. Many answers are followed by even more questions. Also there are many hidden answers in the series itself. The downside to this is that it may leave a few confusing parts but that can be solved by re-watching the series after you have finished it.

    The setting of the series may not be too special itself, but the way it is used, getting fleshed out by its politics, makes it very interesting. I love the way the characters are influenced by the world they live in. There are many myths and legends in the world of Denyuden and the way they effect the main plot also proves very enjoyable.

    Now, the best part of the series, the characters. Yes, the characters of this series are just awesome. Whether it’s the main characters or the side characters, all of them have distinct personalities and are really fun to watch. I just love the main characters. They are just fleshed out really well. I especially liked how Ferris, who at one time was really annoying, turns enjoyable in the end. Same goes for the side characters. Even the annoying ones like Milk. They all turn charming later in the series. I also like how there are many flashbacks in the story. Normally too many flashbacks are boring for me, but here they tell that the characters don’t forget what happens and try to develop themselves. This is true for especially Ryner. He was good at the beginning of the series, but he really developed in the series and by the end, he turns into a really fantastic character.

    would also like to add that if you are wondering whether to watch the show or not, just give the show a chance and watch the first arc(first 4 episodes) and then decide whether to continue or not.

    Legend Of Legendary Heroes Trailer

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    Re: The Legend Of Legendary Heroes

    Nice review my man

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    Re: The Legend Of Legendary Heroes

    I watched this anime years ago and it's brilliant, a second series was said to be getting made but I haven't heard a thing in years The way it "ends" (if we can call it that) just isn't right

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    Re: The Legend Of Legendary Heroes

    I watched this serie this week and was honestly surprised by it in a positive way, it was really captivating and it lets u crave for more after each episode.

    U could have mentioned that after u finish the 24 episodes its not really finished, in fact its only beginning but their is no second season thus u are forced to read the novels, im to lazy to read so im sitting with a hunger at the moment.


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    Re: The Legend Of Legendary Heroes

    Just finished this anime, ****ing amazing. Ferris is hilarious as ****.

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