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    Cowboy Bebop

    Series Name: Cowboy Bebop

    Year of Serialization: April 3, 1998

    Author: Keiko Nobumoto

    Artist: Toshihiro Kawamoto

    Genre: Crime Fiction, Science Fiction

    Current Status: Completed

    Moment of Reviewing: 26 episode ( Ending )

    Other Formats: Movie- Cowboy Bebop: The movie ; Manga- Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star

    Series Summary:
    The series is set in the future of our time of course in the year 2071. The entire solar system is now able to travel through with the use of space gates. This anime is mainly about a man named Spike Spiegel and his friends who go on many adventure and misadventures on the Bebop as a bounty hunter. Basically what Spike does is hunt down bad guys with his partner Jet Black. But the history of Spikes past is very dark. He was once apart of a dangerous crime syndicate as a hitmen the organization was called the Red Dragon syndicate which was from mars same place where Spike was born. Though wanting to leave the syndicate for the love of his life, but was unsuccessful he had to fake his own death later joining up with Jet to form a bounty hunter partner group to make a leaving. From here you get action pack adventure and emotional turns every where you go.

    Critical Review:
    Now If I had to describe this anime it would be one word, Cool. Yes this anime is the greatest definition of cool. It is the type of anime you can kick back and just enjoy the awesomeness the anime portrays, not Just with Spike who in my opinion is the greatest anime character even made, but every character even the bad guys are bad ass. Jet is a master at machines and was once a police officer (ISSP) that also is in the definition of cool.
    Now like i mentioned in the summary Spike was once a hitman for the Red Dragon, and a damn good one, But he had a partner as well named Vicious. Once at the time was spikes close friends but then they grew hatred towards one another when Spike decided he want to leave the syndicate for the love of his life, Julia. Trying to escape with her but sadly was unable he decided to fake his own death near the point of depression he becomes a bounty hunter with Jet.

    This is where the fun begins the two go out on many epic journeys with one another just trying to make a living. Alone the way they meet many other characters and pick them up in the crew not because they wanted to but kind because they had to but it made the whole thing more exciting and funnier to watch.
    Jet Black: Spikes partner and friend, he is great with machines and was one a space officer. Awesome with firearms and very strong. Sometimes can get pissed at Spike, but they always seem to come back at one another.
    Faye Valentine: is the main female role in the series also a bounty hunter but has a serious gambling issue that gets her in trouble and well Spike is usually the one that deals with her mistakes.
    Edward: A kid, but with an amazing talent with computers able to hack into any computer or system at a very young age. He is less of a main character and more there because he tends to annoy the group but he sets up a comedic act around his carefree and enjoyable attitude that he just grows on you.
    Ein: A dog used for experiments later found by Spike who becomes apart of the crew.

    Now That I got the characters out of the way, I can get to tell you guys why you have to watch this anime.
    Its cool and relaxed and has great amount of action, The action ranges from hand to hand combat all the way from giant robot like space ships trying to blow each other up. Due to the anime being considered old, because it was made in 1998 the anime quality isn't the greatest thing you have seen but it doesn't really matter, the point of the anime is to strike the audience of a chilled type of feel to any anime and especially when it comes from a badass character like Spike. Now Spike is one of the main reasons why this anime has gotten such wide recognition and respect. The aura he sets off in this anime is just amazing. I mean he always has a cool head in every thing, He is a expert pilot and has master Jeet Kune Do making him an expert fighter in close battle. He has great abilities with Firearms and well he is also a smart guy that knows how to get himself out of bad situation.

    But as much as he is cool he is still human...He does get out done sometimes or out smart, Which is awesome its an actual anime where the main character isn't just the strongest and can kill any one. He has limits to and it gives the anime a real life sense to it that yes even the main character is not perfect...I'm looking at you Goku, Ichigo, and Naruto. As much as I don't want to say the word again, Spike is just so cool and chilled, He never really freaks out and when he does you have to run.

    Though with all the praise I have given the anime there are stuff you might want to prepare and watch out. The best episodes in this anime are the ones when they show pieces of Spikes past or mainly are directed towards him or one of the main characters. But there are some episodes that you could deem useless to the whole plot and are just there to create space and get more of an audience. It slows down the overall pacing and really sometimes you can get made at it. Though sometimes Spike sometimes comes out of nowhere to save the day.

    I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, But don't stop this anime half way, keep going for the end because just think and writing about it gives me goosebumps. The ending guys is probably one of the greatest endings to an anime ever made, It gives the anime a true sense towards anything can happen. There I'm done I hope.
    This anime is a must watch and with only 26 episodes why not? You can finish it quickly and enjoy it. Until then see ya later space cowboy.

    Rating: 8.5/10

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    Re: Cowboy Bebop

    Quote Originally Posted by DeadManWonderLand View Post
    Although the animation is outdated the illustrations themselves are beautiful and very detailed.
    And who doesn't love the western outlaw vibe ?
    Exactly why Its a cool anime

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    Re: Cowboy Bebop

    Lame. I was gonna do Bepop. Ah well, I still can.

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