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    Create your Own M.Sharingan Contest!

    Well Guys I dunno if it's the right section or Wrong one.

    So create your own Mangekyou Sharingan and PM me, I will Make a Thread of Voting after 3 days if I received more than 3 Mangekyou Sharingan.......

    anyone Can Join :D

    Rules are simple!

    -No Cheating/Ripping

    -No Bribing

    -No Revealing until the Voting ends

    -Size: 160x160 Pixels Max

    -Color Should be Normal Like Black and Red... Doesn't matters if the Contrast and Brightness are not normal.

    Deadline until 21-January-2010

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    Re: Create your Own M.Sharingan Contest!

    You don't just make up your own contests. If you would like to suggest a new contest post it in the 'Questions and Suggestions' section and we'll see what happens from there on.


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