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    Rikudou Sennin RAP!

    Nearly a century when i walked this earth ima living god
    preaching and worldwide known my ninjustu isnt nothing to play with
    i have the 6 realms because im god dont F with my shinobi army
    get killed with air without me blinking i fought armies of million
    destroy nations with just my pinky watch as this world be purge in light
    i defeated the demon god what have you done???
    im Rikudou sennin the 1st shinobi leaving plot holes like i was kishi
    created 2 clans and 2 kekkei genkai what you have on me?
    just thinking your ninjustu is more powerful then mines
    ill dust you own you and make you my follower bowing down to your last
    i aint nothing but a monk so step in my path you think because im a monk i wont fight back
    because if spit on me your soul is mine
    i control life and death son dont try hiding but yet ill
    have time to sit on your porch
    and i leave my legacy in my future kin better not think
    you can end me because i created
    the moon on my death bed your little comebacks are just invalid
    im not a cold shinobi but i am god so dont f up or your going to be done

    not my best one but my friends in school likes it

    my other version

    once upon a time i lived in an warless time i preached and said "peace isnt a lie" so
    i created a powerful religion called ninjustu had the nations bowing before me
    never even seen so many beg to teach them the way of the shinobi
    so i took my hand and with a thought i created the ninja world
    da villages and the people are my creation all equal some not but
    then i went on to battle for my life and this world
    fought a demon god which said so many lives i sealed him
    inside of me with such a victory they call me god as
    many years i created just 2 legendary clans uchiha and senju
    and as my time came i release this demon i had carried put
    im in a rock prison while on my death bed noone knew my real Identity or
    my clan i was born a uzumaki nothing more to tell.....
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    Re: Rikudou Sennin RAP!

    zzzzz....sorry what?

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    Re: Rikudou Sennin RAP!

    More like a monologue...

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    Re: Rikudou Sennin RAP!

    So was something supposed to rhyme? If you were like Lil Wayne you could just rhyme ***** with *****.

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    Bet I got some weed, bet I got
    some weed, bet she on her
    knees; bet she swallow ****,
    bet she love my swag, bet she
    leave yo ass

    Re: Rikudou Sennin RAP!

    ***** you suck donkey balls, LMAO!

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    Re: Rikudou Sennin RAP!

    Rap ?! Sorry bro... !! but good try though

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    Re: Rikudou Sennin RAP!

    *rap police sirens could be heard*

    wow huge spoiler, we dont know his idenity nor his clan yet it says he was born an uzumaki you just contradicted yourself there

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