1. doesn't trust him to become powerful on his own and proceeds to mindrape him and order the murder of innocent people just so sasuke can know how to get MS. what makes this particularly heinous on itachi's part is his reaction to sasuke failing to do so. its basically like "A POX ON YOU. you should have slaughtered your friends!" i know hes pretending but a little "good, you didnt become my puppet" would have set sasuke on more of a right path, even a little. but no. we get more mindrape and attempted flattening of sasuke's already fragile sanity by pretending to rip his eyes out in an attempt to send him into another tsukiyomi induced coma. how loving. how trusting. how noble.

2. goes so far as to outright say he thinks sasuke will go evil no matter what (questioning what naruto will do if sasuke attacks the village. or more specifically, when he does, saying sasukes still a neutral canvas anyone can paint black, planning to brainwash and enslave him, believes sasuke will desecrate his corpse for no real reason). again sasuke would not decide to go and get his eternal mangekeyo if he doesnt know it exists. itachi explaining how that works was all so his KA plan would succeed. if it doesnt then sasuke is both dangerously unstable AND has MS. even without obito's interference itachi believed sasuke would turn on his own and steal itachis eyes, given he believed obito didnt know anything about him (chapter 549). if sasuke really is "this close" to becoming a grave threat then why not kill him then and there? itachi was perfectly willing to butcher little kids because they MIGHT hate konoha for killing their parents. so this should be nothing new.

3. runs away from him rather than answer sasuke's questions for no other reason than hes too much of a coward to face up to the monster he created, and doesn't realise sasuke would listen to him more than that blonde idiot. again how can i believe this is love when itachi outright believes he can't make a difference to sasukes life and decision making? part of being family is being able to support and trust your siblings, and give them useful advice.
he basically says "fu ck trying to change you, im going to just say i love you and be on my merry way. HAVE FUN WITH YOUR PLANNED GENOCIIIIIIDDE" as an edo and tries to put all the work on naruto's shoulders (or as it turned out hashirama). because doing jackshit about the monster you created and making someone who has his hands full already, do everything, is how true heroes behave.

4. doesn't believe in sasuke. otherwise he wouldnt have gone so far as to make sure that its A GODDAMN LIE that makes konoha accept and worship him ("killing" itachi). why cant he carve his own hero reputation, a real one, by staying in konoha? before he left, sasuke was already considered a hero and a star pupil as the "last uchiha". after the betrayal to orochimaru, nothing. sasuke was being persecuted. what made itachi think that casting a massive lie over everyone's eyes is the answer? as soon as they examine the corpse they would have realised itachi was dying and blind already.
tsunade was there. she can protect sasuke from danzo. tell her the truth then make her promise to protect sasuke like the previous hokage did. unless itachi doesnt trust the very woman who got his brother out of the coma itachi put him in.

5. sasuke was doing just fine as a kid, and was already more powerful as a 12 year old than MOST ADULTS but still, itachi behaves like nothing will ever be good enough and tortures sasuke just for being too weak for his standards, tormenting and mocking him for lacking hate, which does permanent psychological and mental damage. all so sasuke wil continue to get power and become stronger by any means necessary. what kind of person is this?

itachi reminds me of those mothers who live through their kids and force them to be models using manipulation and trickery. he couldnt be a hero so he tries to enslave sasuke and force him to be one, living vicariously through him. good brothers don't cause needless permanent and brutal damage on their loved ones, then try to run from the problem they created.