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    Re: Hurray for Big Mac Shit!

    Just wanna say that,

    Maybe Mangekyou sharingan can see vital points and so he activated so he could perfectly kill, but also tell karin not to move so he can secretly miss her and kill danzo.

    It could be possible.

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    Re: Hurray for Big Mac Shit!

    Quote Originally Posted by kackmauzer View Post
    I swear to god if it's another ****ing genjutsu I'll stop reading this shit.
    But anyway, it can't be, Madara was pleased with Sasugay's choice.
    Oh, man. I could not agree more with the first part. The genjutsu fights were cool for one part, and that was Itachi/Sasuke. Ever since, it has been too predictable and just a lame tactic that makes me distrust everything I read in this manga.

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