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    637 Prediction

    obito's end

    obito: GURAAHHHHH! madara you bastard...
    naruto: those seals are...
    *flashes back to when nagato used rinne tensei*
    madara: now obito, fufill your true purpose.
    hashirama: your battling me! whatever your trying to do, we wont just sit here.
    another wood clone jumps up and tries to intercept madara and stop his seals but madara cuts it down with susano sword.
    meanwhile the alliance is holding off the juubi clones.
    lee: this is tough...i guess i don't have much of a choice. sakura san, gai sensei, i hope your watching me.
    he raises his arms in a cross, and begins yelling.
    tenten" this is...!
    sakura: gai sensei you should be ok now.
    gai: thank you. i sense you surpassed your teacher.
    sakura: tsunade shisou made sure i was as strong as i could. with this seal i could have made a difference against pain,if it was complete in time.
    gai: don't worry. lee and i took years to master our taijutsu. things dont always go our way.
    sai: ....

    cut to.
    obito: rin...was it all worth it? did i come all this way just to fail at the final hurdle to this madara bastard?
    he struggles against the black zetsu goo.
    obito: i won't let....myself be controlled by the likes of him!
    he screams again, forces his hand apart and yanks out the rods.
    madara: !
    madara: did he overpower it?
    obito coughs blood, holding his chest wound.
    obito: i defeated his control...but at this rate ill.....

    cut to alliance
    tenten: rising twin dragon: storm of destruction!
    out of her scrolls spew countless paper bombs which begin detonating and sending the juib clones flying. one gets behind her but at the same time, sakura forms a seal.
    sakura: demonic illusion: cherry blossom trap!
    the juubi is suddenly covered in an illusory blanket of flowers, and stops moving. sasuke's face twists in a quick smirk. only he was aware anything happened.
    out ahead, lee begins powering up.
    lee: 6th celestial gate....OPEN!

    obito warps down to where madara and the others are.
    minato: this chakra is...! obito..but how?
    madara smirks.
    obito: you b-betrayed me.
    madara: its nothing personal. power demands sacrifice. i dont have a choice.
    obito: you chose to behave like a spoilt child, obsessing over your rival. unworthy of the juubi. unworthy of our plan! you might become alive, you might not. either way, this body will die in a firestorm, and you with it!
    fire release: four pillar explosion!
    obito's body finally gives out, and he implodes amongst a 4 cornered box of fire and smoke, rising up an devastating the battlefield.
    minato: !!
    in a last ditch effort, naruto spreads his kurama shroud over the section where the alliance is, and stops the fire. sasuke joins in, using susano to smother it.
    juugo: ....
    minato: if that was obito...where is kakashi?

    scene cuts to orochimaru and his group. they are heading along the trees to the battlefield
    suigetsu:*thinking* ...i could slip away...orochimaru wouldn't miss me. besides he said the ten tails is there. what could karin or i do?
    orochimaru: feel free to leave you know. i honestly don't feel as if your presence is necessary for this war, suigetsu.
    voice: now hold on there.
    karin: !
    orochimaru: ...
    a figure jumps in front of them, cutting them off. he is hearing a cloak and has his face shrouded. however behind him they hear a loud hissing.
    karin: huh? whats this chakra?
    voice: after all this time you would think you wouldnt need your lovely powers to know who i am,uzumaki karin. but of course what am i saying? i erased myelf too many times to merely think of identity as something trivial. i used to be someone orochimaru-sama wanted me to be, just like you.
    cut to black.
    voice: but i should thank you orochimaru-sama. identity is no longer what controls my life. i am free, much like sasuke-kun
    manda II's head rears into view

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    Re: 637 Prediction

    The return of Kabuto? Nice... I like it.


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    Re: 637 Prediction

    Cool. Good job.

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