Read the Fill Up The Bubble Rules for more detail. Credits to Transparent for the banner.

The Comic Strips Should be Judged On:

♒ Creativity ♒
♒ Originality ♒
♒ Humour ♒

Rules for taking part

Obey the Global Rules.
You must have at least 50 posts in order to take part.
The entry must be in PNG format.
The Idea must be original. No stealing other contestant's idea. Meaning, there will be no similar concept comic strips.
Words must be clearly written and it must be readable.
Words must not be vulgar.
Do not show any form of identification of the entries. The contestants must be anonymous
When sending your entry, you must have the appropriate title.
You must upload with the accepted websites (
Do not enter with multiple accounts.

Send me a PM with your entry.

FUB#37 Entry: [Username between brackets]
Failure to use the correct title will result in your submission being skipped.
If you wish to resubmit (already submitted and wants to give a changed/edited one), use the title below.

✘✘ FUB#37 RE-Entry: [Username between brackets]

Choose whichever page from Naruto you want. You can also mix several pages together, just be creative.

Last day to Submit is: Friday, July 5th.
(GMT+1:00) Central European Time (Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid)

Good Luck!
Before sending your entry, reply to this thread with: "I wish to take part"