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    ~NB's Best GFX-ERs~


    I was thinking of making a contest to see who is better then who at GFX in NB, there is no personal interest in this but to have fun, so you don't have to be my friend to submit into this.

    just pm your work after making sure it is qualified.


    1. The work must be 500x500 Pixel maximum.
    2. Don't use any text, render.. etc that refers to you, meaning that don't use a render you published that own it before or a text that got to do with because we want to know who is really the best GFX-ER here.
    3. Don't tell anyone about your submit.
    4. Inviting others to submit/vote is allowed
    5. There is no restricts about the subject of the work.. etc just make sure you have done your best

    thats it so far, am waiting for cool submits

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    Re: ~NB's Best GFX-ERs~

    You can't just start contests on your own, you have to discuss it with a moderator.

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