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    Steel Release

    Steel Release


    Steel Release (鋼遁 Kōton) is a rare Kekkei Genkai that originates from Iwakagure in which the user is able to use both Earth and Fire natures to produce hardened metal-like structures from either his body or earthen sources nearby or imbue his body with the characteristics of a hard metal. Although there are other elements that use the same basic elements, Steel release works in an unique way. Using the Earth nature as a source and Fire nature as a manipulation, the user is able to manipulate and mold earth into a much harder substance, much like a blacksmith does when he uses fire to mold metal ores into refined metals.



    • Bio must originate from Iwagakure
    • Member must have mastered both Fire and Earth elements
    • Member must be S-Class Ninja rank
    • Steel Release techniques can be found here

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