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    [RP tournament round 2] Daemon v.s Juha

    Match Rules
    Rei’s R&R
    Terrain: A 50 meter deep and 200 meter diameter earth pit with no water source.
    Range: Mid-range
    Turn Rules: 1 and 2 White(Everything allowed), 3 and 4 Yellow(Nothing above 30 CP and/or A-ranks | Special Modes such as Sage and Bijuu are forbidden/deactivated), 5+ (Nothing above 20 CP and/or B-ranks)
    Universal Rules

    Guren bio, you get first move .

    posted the thread for daemon in case he changes his mind and wishes to fight.
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    Re: [RP tournament round 2] Daemon v.s Juha

    Juha is winner by default

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