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    The Avatar Vs Moses - Comparison......a thought

    okay, well, its not really a vs's thread, but mainly a comparison

    okay, well, to start off, i am of the christian faith, but i am not here to try to convert anyone, but just to shed some light on something i have found interesting.....

    Avatar - okay so we all know that in the aangverse, the avatar is the collective knowledge of great leaders who have shared in one goal. Harmony between all things physical and spiritual.

    Moses - in the bible, its not a collective knowledge, but knowledge itself, one being known as the Holy Spirit, which (i and most others believe) governs our morals, our conscience to make the right decisions. therefore creating peace between your physical and/or Spiritual spiritual life.


    Avatar - with this collective knowledge, the avatar (in this case, aang), along with his skills in bending can also bend other elements (which in the Aangverse, is impossible anyone else)

    Moses - all the miraculous signs and wonders portrayed in the bible focusing on the story of moses, started after an action of Moses. Moses used air to push the water away or water bending. the fire that stopped pharaoh from pursuing moses and the israelites was set to protect moses, therefore making moses the cause, therefore he is a firebender ;P and later on, he split a huge rock in two with his staff, and used water bending to bring out a spring of water..

    well, this is all i have atm, but yeah, just thought i'd share this info with you all.......again, not trying to convert anyone, just sharing some info....... Have an awesome day

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    Re: The Avatar Vs Moses - Comparison......a thought

    Holy shit Moses was the Avatar.

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    Re: The Avatar Vs Moses - Comparison......a thought

    All that changed when the Fire Nation attacked.......

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