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    Accelerator V.2

    Power... I want absolute POWER!

    ● ○ Basic Information ○ ●

    Name: Accelerator
    Nickname: Accelerator / Cold-Blooded Yuki / Light
    Gender: ♂ Male
    Age: 17
    Clan: Yuki
    Height: 168 cm

    Looks: Accelerator appears as a skinny teenager and has pale skin, moppy white hair and red eyes. His ability also has an affect on his hormones, as he stated in both the novel and manga series that it was because of his power he has "...this genderless body," although there is definite evidence stated throughout the series that he is a boy. When Last Order asked him "Then are you male or female?" he gave the equivocal answer, "Can't you tell?" He is shown to have a slim, androgynous body, a bathing scene depicted him as bare-chested and obviously male.
    He also seems to have an affinity for black and white-themed clothing. He changes his initial clothing from a black shirt with white striped patterns to a white shirt with V patterns. He starts wearing a choker-style electrode to aid him with mobility, computation and communication, although he states that it makes up for less than half of his former calculation abilities, and uses a cane.

    When he is enraged or excited such as when fighting a strong or amusing opponent e.g Kamijou Touma during their first encounter, he breaks into a wide grin and laughs, giving him a maniacal and sadistic appearance.

    Personality: Due to the potential of his ability, Accelerator has been targeted by assassins and researchers throughout his life. As a result, he believes only in power and trusts no one. While fighting, he invokes fear and has a sadistic tone. He willingly joins the SISTER experiment to gain a reputation as the most powerful and feared psychic so that no one would dare be foolish enough to challenge him and won't hesitate to kill any who get in his way. The Sisters' memories of his behavior during the experiment may suggest that he is, in a way, a pacifist; because his power won't disappear, the only way he sees an end to the fighting is to be so strong and sadistic that no one would dare to raise a finger against him. He even seems to attempt to frighten the Sisters out of fighting or otherwise encourage them to refuse their battles.

    Aiwass has also commented on the differences between Touma and Accelerator – stating how Accelerator craves for the wholesomeness of being a 'hero' like Touma, even to the point that he declared himself evil because he believes he cannot reach that level. He is someone that tries hard to redeem himself.

    Accelerator was shown to often underestimate his enemies earlier in the series, which led to his loss against Touma. However, after nearly being killed by Kihara Amata and fighting Komaba Ritoku, he no longer underestimates his enemies.

    ● ○ Village Information ○ ●

    Village of Birth:
    Kirigakure no Satō
    Village of Alliance: N/A

    ● ○ Rank//Chakra Information ○ ●

    Ninja Rank: Unofficial sage
    Specialty: Futon / Sution / Ice / Tai

    水 Suiton → Completed
    雷 Raiton → Mastered
    火 Katon → Mastered
    風 Fūton → Completed
    土 Doton → Completed
    雨 Ameton → B- Rank
    氷遁 Hyouton → Mastered
    燥 Arid → Completed

    Your ninjutsu:

    忍 Ninjutsu → Completed
    幻 Genjutsu → Completed
    体 Taijutsu → Mastered
    剣 Kenjutsu → Completed
    海体 NB Taijutsu → Completed
    召喚 Kuchiyose → Toads & Kites
    战斗风格 CFS → Glacier style / Kung Fu / ZX Buster

    ● ○ Background Information

    History: Born in the village of Kirigakure, a young man with silver/Grey hair. No one knows his real name, only that he's a member of Amegakure and goes by the name “Accelerator”. He resides in the village filled with Valentines, though he is not one. He was a Yuki, a cold blooded Yuki. Not much is known about this young man, due to him being closed in; a freak of nature. He only thrives to kill, nothing else. He's not a big fan of the word “comrade” as, he... is a loner. He prowls through the village of Amegakure, Killing whomever he sees fit and is ready to die. Another “Normal” morning in the Village of Ame, but things were too quit. It was raining like always, yet no sounds of chaos... Something was wrong. The village where the Criminal Organization, Akatsuki housed their main base was docile. No loud noises, No LoK roaming around, no -Vision- in the tavern. Seems Akatsuki has left the building. Not too fond of his clan-mates as his clan is from a different village, Accelerator went to the clan base to see the Valentine head, Vincent. Walking into the door, the “Black Dog” Kuroh was standing there with his sword un-sheathed. Accelerator had no intent of fighting, but Kuroh pushed. No matter what Accelerator said, Kuroh wouldn't let him pass. But why? Why you ask? Because... he wasn't there, Vincent was no longer in Ame. Shortly after that, Accelerator learned the art of Rain and left Ame to peruse a different path.

    To Be Continued...

    ● ○ Other Information ○ ●

    Accelerator's Specialties:

    Nature Transformation Accelerator possess a rare kekkei genkai called Hyouton, since he is a member of the Yuki Clan. Hyouton is an advanced chakra nature kekkei genkai. This chakra nature seems to give Accelerator the ability to create and manipulate water/wind to create ice. Hyouton is composed of Futon and Sution chakra which allows Accelerator to perform all Sution techniques or related, with a single swift handseal. This makes Accelerator one of the most advanced Sution users in his whole village. His second affinity is the Wind release allowing him to be also very adapt at using wind techniques at an accelerated speed, even rivaling the Gaara's.

    Other Skills Accelerator has displayed a mastery in the ninjutsu field, demonstrating the capability of many different toad related techniques. He is also a very gifted taijutsu user, or hand to hand combat. He is also known for his ice release techniques, and his glacier style; which he learned from the original "Loki".

    Accelerator's Basic Ninja Tools

    • Several Flash Bombs
    • Wire
    • Mask (To breathe in poisonous gases)
    • Mask (To breathe under water)
    • Kunais
    • Shurikens
    • Explosive Tags
    • Hyorinmaru

    Theme Song and Background Music:

    ● ○ Battle Information ○ ●

    Won: 60+
    Lost: Unknown

    • Updating my Accelerator biography.
    • Updates
    • Added Rain
    • Added end of history
    • Changed template
      Special thanks to Lucifer for allowing me to use his template

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    Re: Accelerator V.2

    Nice bio Broski. ^^

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    Re: Accelerator V.2

    Nice cleen and sleek bio, that template is pretty boss

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    Re: Accelerator V.2

    Quote Originally Posted by Cursed Prince View Post
    Nice cleen and sleek bio, that template is pretty boss
    thank you ^^


    Lel. nice bio mate, would be way...better if you had sound release >.>

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    Re: Accelerator V.2

    I know D:. But seeing as no mod is willing to give permission atm, and it would be hard to find a teacher :/

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    Re: Accelerator V.2

    Nice bio Light

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