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    [Sharingan Activation Injury] - EdwardSama

    Reason for injury: Sharingan Activation
    Description of Injury Hard punches in his sides, beaten up in the face. Repeatedly punched in the face, kneed on the chin, basically bruised and severely beaten up everywhere.
    Location: Entire body, mostly on the upper body.
    Type: Sharingan Activation training
    Severity: Extremely Severe
    Link to the thread injury occurred in:
    Link to the biography that is injured:

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    Re: [Sharingan Activation Injury] - EdwardSama

    *Noctis walks into the room his patient currently resides in and nods at him as he looks at the wounds and such, but he could not find anything major.*
    "What exactly has happened?"
    *As he listens to his patient he looks for the injuries at the site where the hits landed according to the patient, but he finds nothing severe or anything that needs to be medically looked after.*
    "The best thing you can do right now is take a lot of rest. Actually, you will need to stay in bed for a while for everything to start feeling better."
    *He writes everything down in his notepad and nods at his patient as he leaves the room*

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    Re: [Sharingan Activation Injury] - EdwardSama

    *enters and sees the nurses notes. Uses his chakra to diagnose the patient while he runs his hands over his body* you say you were injured? I see nothing but a few bruises. Nothing serious. Sharingan activations are getting softer as we speak...jeez... Now, 1 day of rest and you're good to go!

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