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    Naruto Manga 652 Spoilers/Summaries (NO DISCUSSION!)

    Naruto Manga 652 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

    This thread is only for the Confirmed Spoiler Pictures and Texts. Everything else will be considered spam, and infractions will be given out.


    Please don't re-post spoilers that have already been posted.
    (Bigger pictures, better quality picture is not counted as re-posting.)

    Post all of the Confirmed spoilers you find in this thread. Please do not make a separate thread.

    It's considered nice to rep the ones who post the spoilers. Also, DO NOT POST LINKS, you can mention the source, but NO LINKS.
    Thank you.

    ►► ► Keep this thread clean and free from spam. ◄◄◄

    Discuss the spoilers here:

    Naruto Manga 652 Spoilers Discussion

    Please don't post predictions in here! Only spoilers with a source! Predictions go here:

    Naruto Manga Chapter 651 Discussion and 652 Predictions


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    Re: Naruto Manga 652 Spoilers/Summaries (NO DISCUSSION!)

    not 100% sure if legit but
    '' Madara tells about a shocking truth! And Naruto will...!?

    also MADARA UCHIHA is talking about Shinjitsu ''

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    Re: Naruto Manga 652 Spoilers/Summaries (NO DISCUSSION!)

    I will post what I did in another thread.

    WSJ preview for #Naruto652:

    マダラが語る驚愕の真実!!その時 ルトは!?
    Madara tells a shocking truth! And then Naruto willl!?

    Naruto will have colour pages on WSJ #48 (so for the chapter 652) due to its 14th anniversary of serialization.

    The colored ones will be the lead cover wsj for Naruto and first pages in colours (double page + first page of chapter).

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