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    NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]

    Legend :

    • (actions)
    • (emotions)
    • [descriptions of scenery/surrondings]
    • *thoughts*
    • characters
    • techniques
    • SFX (sounds effects)

    Let's enjoy reading now

    654 - Clash of Obito's and Naruto's Will

    Will Obito take that hand ?!
    What is Obito's final answer ?


    [First scene shows serious Naruto extending his right arm with opened palm towards Obito from Obito's point of view.]
    Obito: ... (reaches out his right arm with opened palm to catch Naruto's hand)
    [Flashback of young Obito crouching down over ground holding Rin's dead corpse]
    Obito: I see... I am in the hell !

    Madara: The longer you live... The more you realize that reality is just made of pain, suffering and emptiness
    Naruto: ?! (notices Obito's arm stops then retreacting back)
    Obito(serious face): No, you don't live as long as I am... you can't vow that you will never break.

    Naruto: You are right... I am still young but...
    Obito: ?!
    Naruto(shouts with determined look)]: at least I don't make silly execuses to justify my own actions which are opposite to my dream and will !
    Obito: ?! *Tsk * (clench his teeth)
    Naruto: I repeat it once again... Stop runing away from reality and your true dream !
    Obito(sad look): ....
    [Flashback of young Obito holding Rin with his arms ]

    Words reflecting from all sides: In a dream everything goes the way you want...
    You can even make dead people come back to life...

    Young Obito: I want to create the world of just that
    Young Obito: I will...

    Young Obito: I will create a world where you are alive !
    Young Obito: I will change the fate of this world !

    Naruto: ?! (spot new determined look mixed with anger on Obito's face)
    Obito: I won't join your side... Rin promiesed me to be here and watch over me that why I can't keep my Hokage dream anymore unless The Rin is here ! (determined look)

    [Outside in the real world. Real Obito is shown floating high in sky as the tailed beasts are pulled away from him by Sussano armor wrapped around Kurama's shroud, Killer bee in Gyuuki from and Minato who is connected to everyone via chakra of Kurama.]
    SFX: PULL !
    Obito: ?!
    Obito(struggling face expression): No... I won't loose to you. Not matter how much of you stand in my way...
    Everyone: ?!
    Obito: I will never break ! (chains of Outer path of the Rinnegan emerges outside )
    SFX: Emerges !
    [Chakra Chains of the Rinnegan rush towards Tailed beast chakra's being pulled then bind around them. ]
    SFX: Bind !
    Obito: I won't let you pull them out of my body (chakra chains squeeze tailed beasts chakra's hard as it pull them a inch back towards Obito's body)

    [Everyone is shown pulling with all their might]
    SA: ?! (pull with all their might)
    Obito: because I need this power to realize my dream !
    [Naruto is shown snapping out in Kurama shroud pulling attention of Sasuke.]
    Sasuke: It didn't go as smoothly as you thought (sighs)
    Naruto: Unfortunetly no... he has very strong will even if opposite to mine...
    Minato: Stop talking Naruto, Sasuke and focus on Pulling ! (struggling face expression)
    [Tailed beast chakra is shown slowly being pulled inside Obito's body by chakra chains.]
    SFX: Pull back !

    Naruto(thinking): *Obito... He is very similliar to me, and he won't break down until he reaches his dream...*
    Sasuke(struggling facial expression): Dammit ! (swings his big Perfect Sussano's sword at Rinnegan chains binded around tailed beasts chakra. )
    SFX: Swings !
    [Perfect Sussano cut slowly through chakra chains but then suddenly another pair of chakra chains emerges from broken part of initial chakra chain.]
    SFX: Cut !
    [New pair of chakra chains bind around Perfect Sussano sword stopping it's from moving]
    SFX: Binds !
    Sasuke: Shit ! (can't move his Perfect Sussano's sword as it is hold in place by chakra chains)

    [Tug battle of chakra is shown between Shinobi Alliance on ground and Obito floating in the air.]
    SFX: Pull !
    [Naruto next to Sasuke is shown inside Kurama shroud]
    Naruto: Damn it ! (notices Obito's catching Sasuke's Perfect Sussano sword)
    Naruto: Dad ! We have to weaken Obito ! (forms black sphere in front of Kurama's shroud jaw)
    Minato: GHAAA ! (struggling expression) Ok, let's combine our tailed beast bombs, Naruto !
    [Minato enters Dark Kurama's shroud while charging tailed beast bomb.]
    SFX: Charges !
    [Naruto is shown holding complete Tailed beast bomb in front of Kurama's shroud jaw.]
    Naruto: Let's do that, Dad !
    [Naruto and Minato shoot off their tailed beasts bomb in Obito's direction at the same time.]
    Minato/Naruto: Tailed beast Bomb !
    SFX: Shoot !

    [Tailed beasts bombs are shown flying towards Obito]
    Obito: AGH!!! (notices Tailed beasts bomb) I won't let you do as you wish (black fluid emerges from Obito's hand as it forms giant shield covering Obito's)
    [Tailed Beasts Bombs of Minato and Naruto clash with Obito's black fluid shaped shield]
    SFX: Connects !
    [Tailed Beasts bombs are shown keep moving further cracking black fluid shaped shield.]
    Obito: Shit ! *I am too focused on pull tailed beasts chakra back via chakra chains... * (black fluid shaped shield harden as it pushes a bit both tailed beasts bomb backwards)
    Naruto/Minato: ?!
    [Suddenly huge Typhoon caryying huge mass of water forms around Obito crushing him under pressure and slashing him at the same time.]
    Obito: Arghh ! (try to withstand typhoon power)

    [Tobirama is shown with his arms clapped together with Hiruzen weaving some sequence of handseals]
    Tobirama: Water release: Mystical water God technique ! *He is tough one*
    SFX: Executed !
    Tobirama: Saru ! (nods towards Hiruzen)
    Hiruzen: I know Fire release: Breath of Dragon ! Earth release: Igneous rocks ! Deadly Rain of flaming rocks combination ! (claps both his arms together)
    SFX: Shoot !
    [Rain of ignited rocks are shown flying towards Obito covered by Typhoon]
    [Chakra of tailed beasts are shown in half way pulled back inside Obito already with remaining left slowly being pulled back as well.]
    Obito: ?! (sense something while regenerates and try to push typhoon further from his body)

    [Thousand of Ignited rocks moving at great pace passes through typhoon hitting hard Obito's body]
    SFX: Hit !
    Obito(closes own of his eyes in pain): ARGH !!!! *I see this water is special... it actually drains my life force and weaken my body that why physcial object ignited with fire can wound me so bad*
    Obito: Damn you !
    [Back inside mind dimenssion where Naruto is still standing in front of Obito]
    Naruto(closes his eyes): I see..., so you refuses to join my side while keep clinging to your dream.
    Obito(determined look): that right.
    Naruto(Open his eyes): My respect towards you then only rise up even more. It is really worthy of admiration.
    Obito(confused): ?!
    Naruto: However I am more interested in what you said to me just moment ago...
    Obito(cofused even more): ....

    Naruto: You mentioned something about if The Rin was here then you could still keep your Hokage's dream.
    Obito: And what about it (annoyed look)
    Naruto: That is silly of you, you can't depend fate of you dream on someone other then yourself. Yes you can hold them dear and their help is much appreciated but you can't depends entire on them.
    Obito: Is that so ?! (smirks) then why you keep saying same bullshit about someone who can't save one friend can't become Hokage, eh Naruto ?
    Naruto: ?! you mean
    Obito: Yeah, I mean Sasuke Uchiha, your friend.
    Naruto(lower his head): ...
    Obito: How could you depends fate of your dream on your friend, friend who is only trying to kill you stop you from reaching your dream. At least Rin could be here to help me fulfill my dream. Answer me Naruto (annoyed with determined and serious look)
    Naruto: I will become Hokage even if I can't save Sasuke !, but also I promise that I save Sasuke from darkness before I become Hokage !
    Obito: Childlish attitude as always... you need to grow up, Naruto.

    Naruto: you think so (turns serious)
    Obito: ?!
    Naruto: but your Hokage's dream is not lost yet...It always bothered me why you the Rinnegan wielder can't ressurect Rin if you are capable of using this ressurection technique which Nagato used, tell me Obito.
    Obito: ?! I couldn't do it... (lower his head and try to avoid eyes contact)
    Naruto: Is that so..., I know you are hidding something away from me, Obito...
    Obito: Tsk... Fine, I could ressurect Rin and even live with her... but...
    Naruto: You are afraid that she would be dissapointed by you and doesn't approve your actions. That why forcing dream world would allow you to manipulate everyone, even Rin would be forced to accept your new self, am I right ?!
    Obito(shock cover his face): ?!

    [Huge Wooden statue with Hashirama standing on it and Perfect Sussano with Madara inside moves towards each other cause great impact on the ground.]
    SFX: Charge !
    [Pefect Sussano pull of four swords as Huge Wooden Statue move forwards it's thousand arms. ]
    SFX: Prepare !
    [Hige Wooden statue moves all of it's arms pointing in direction of Perfect Sussano while closing them all in fists.]
    SFX: Prepare !
    [Perfect Sussano swings it's all giant swords at Incomming Thousand arms of wooden statue expelling incredibely powerfull slashes in "X" form creating huge disturbance in air while powerfull slashes travel towards Wooden statue carrying amazing power at great velocity.]
    SFX: Swings !
    [Wooden Thousand arms of statue are shown striking at full force towards Madara's Perfect Sussano carrying amazing power which create huge shockwaves comming along with them.]
    SFX: Strikes !
    [Huge explosion occur as the schockwave of impact is shown spreading covering great area in dust.]

    Naruto: No matter what you says, That Rin couldn't be true, just false puppet without emotions and feelings. What about your friends, Obito ? Could you really enjoy living rest of your life among puppet people without emotions and will !
    Obito: Stop it, Naruto ! Nothing you do can affect me..., your words won't reach me. I am not fool !
    [Back in the real world. Obito is shown with small bruises over his body as he regenerates]
    SFX: Regenerates !
    [Tailed beasts chakra was pulled a bit by Shinobi Alliance using weakness moment of Obito]
    SFX: Pull !
    Obito: ?! *I won't let you win!* (Chakra chains harders grip of Tailed beasts chakra as they are pulling back into Obito)
    [Naruto and Sasuke are shown inside Sussano armor wrapped around Kurama's shroud]
    Naruto(struggles): Damn it ! It is not use !(watches as his and his dad tailed beast bomb are hold from Obito by black fluid shaped shield)

    [Hashirama's clone along with Tsunade and Sakura are shown pulling tailed beast chakra with all might]
    SFX: Pull !
    Tsunade: HAAA !! *He is very strong... even left alone against entire army*
    Sakura: Shaanaroo !!!! (pulling with all her strength while slamming her feet into ground)
    Hashirama's clone(struggling to attack): Everyone ! attack him with all might !
    [Panel shows thousand of different attack flying towards Obito]
    SFX: Income !
    [Back Inside Obito vs Naruto mind struggle.]
    Naruto: that right, will and emotions of people is what make them dear to us. It is what allows us to create bond with them... and the most important...
    Obito(hidden his curiosity): ?!
    Naruto: The will and strong emotions allow us to have dream and keep going until fullfiling it while overcoming all obstacles in our way. It keep pushing us forward !
    [Naruto's figure is shown with determined look as Obito as Hokage image is shown overlapping over him while saying all these words above. ]
    Obito: ?! *Me*

    [Suddenly Image of Rin, Kakashi and Minato appears around Naruto's image overlapped by Hokage Obito. They are smilling looking with great admiration towards Hokage Obito.]
    Obito(widden his eyes): *Rin, Kakashi, Sensei...*
    [In the last moment Entire Shinobi Alliance is shown around Hokage Obito's image overlapping on Naruto standing in front of him]
    Obito: Everyone, I (put his arms on his head as in pain) am...
    Obito(denying while struggling mentally): No... I refuse. They are not real, they are really not here ! (glares at Naruto with deathly intent)
    [Outside in the real word. Shot On Hashirama motionless body]
    SFX: Restrict !
    [Shot on Black rods impaled all over Hashirama's bodies]
    SFX: Impaled !

    [Shot on Madara's face covered with his hair while turned towards side ]
    [Shot on Madara's face turned towards us with Senjutsu markings forming around his face as the Rinnegan glows violently]
    Madara: Time to fullfill my dream, Obito (evil smirks)
    [Shot on someone's legs straight forward]
    [Shot on someone's upper torso ]
    [Shot on Kakashi's face uncovering his Mangenkyou sharingan with his rigth arm moving away]
    Kakashi: Finally, I am going back Obito ! *wait for me, there my friend... I help to save you from darkness*
    [Last scene shows Naruto with Obito as Hokage's image overlapping around him alogn with all friends including Rin pointing their fingers at Obito's chest]
    Everyone(in Obito Imagination)/Naruto(outside of imagination): You are wrong Obito. We(as Obito see)/They(as Naruto says) are all alive in your heart (points finger at his heart)
    [Obito's shocked expression is shown as tears forms in his eyes.]

    Rinnegan power boosted by Senjutsu is about to be revealed !
    Naruto's words finally reach Obito as Obito's hole in heart is finally filled !
    Kakashi makes his come back !

    655 - Conclusion

    So, what do you think about my prediction guys ?
    Sorry for any grammar or typing mistakes

    I hope you enjoy reading it
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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]

    great prediction as always

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]

    You're giving Madara another upgrade?


    OT: Great prediction!

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]

    It's an great prediction .

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]

    Great as always , but i think that we will only see the end result of Madara vs Hashirama ( Madara wining obviously ).

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]

    please email this ti Kishi...he'll be impressed + rep

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]

    This was great!

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]

    I thought it was a little long but still great...however i expect obito to accept naruto's hands in the next chapter...if not today's chapter would become nothing more than nonsense...

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]

    Gewd predickshun bat I thynk that it vulved happyn in 10 or 100 chaptus forwaed.

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]

    Good prediction man...

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]

    What it do manga man wit yo teny ten ten ninja

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]

    Amazing, simply amazing! I can't wait to see the chapter next week.

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]

    Great read good work looking forward to next chapter

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]

    Truly epic prediction

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]


    I am really happy that you like reading my work :D

    I will keep it up and not dissapoint you

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]

    I like It a lot your Predictions are really great!!!
    + Rep Great Work

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]

    It was a nice prediction, I love the puppet part, Naruto and Obit conversation was a little bit forced, the Rin part was amazing. Overall, 9/10. It was a little long, but still a nice read. ***** :D

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]

    i gave up after page 2. got tired of translating everything you said into an understandable form of english.

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]

    Nice one! Keep it up

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 654 "Obito's decision lead to" [by KCMNaruto]

    Great prediction as always
    when I reached the end there was a moment when I thought it was the real thing
    Keep it up + r e p

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