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    Imagine the person you are
    ignoring for a while does not
    wake up tomorrow. Would you
    regret your pride then?

    What we're married?dattebayo!

    <<Previous chapter...
    ________Chapter Two________

    "You idiot !" Your mother shrieked hitting you on the head. You groaned as she made the pain worse. You and Killua ended up on a full blown fight. At the end though no one won. Except for gravity.

    You had tripped bringing Killua along with you. Snowy became a gentleman though,and broke your fall. You glanced at the grumbling boy. "Snowy..."

    "What ?" He snapped winching at the pain. "Th-Th-Th-" You stumbled at the words. "Aww is granny trying to say thank you ? I'm touched." Killua said sarcastically. "S-shut up !"

    "(Y/n) !" Your mother warned. "Nnh..." You winched closing your eyes tightly. "Thank you ! Happy ?!" You blushed and looked away.

    "Amused actually,your welcome." Killua smirked and put his hands inside his pockets walking away.

    "Aw (y/n) ! He's so cute and cool !"

    "Ewww mom ! Stop it ! It's disgusting !"

    The date of the wedding had come. You went through hell as they fitted you in the wedding dress. It was hot,stuffy,tight,way to expensive,and useless.

    But you had to admit...You twirled in front of the mirror. 'I look pretty good...' You gave a small smile. "Oh (y/n)..." Your mother sighed and hugged you tightly. "I'm so happy..." You hugged her back sighing. 'I'm not...'

    "(Y/n) ? Honey ? Are you ready ?" Your father smiles extending an arm. "Yes." You laughed at how polite he was. As you and your father walk towards the wedding chapel he couldn't help but whisper. "I'm so sorry..."

    You kept silent but nodded anyway. You knew they had a long thought on this. So making them even more guilty is a bit mean. 'I'll endure...' You took a deep breath. 'I'll endure...'


    Killua stood on the other end looking pissed as hell. The priest could only nervously smile at the guests. You took slow steps and stopped just in front of him.

    "Ladies and Gentleman we have gathered here..." The priest preached away. You yawned at this. 'So boring...' You thought sleepily. All of the sudden you heard music to one of your ears. You glanced at Killua to see him using the other end of the earphones.

    You rolled your eyes at this but it did made you calm down. The priest really looked pissed but didn't say anything. Your mother wept away comforted by your father. Killua's family however couldn't care less.

    "Do you Killua Zaoldyeck take (y/n) as your wife ?" Killua sighed and nodded. "And do you (y/n) take Killua Zaoldyeck as your husband ?" You nodded.

    "And now I pronounce you husband and wife !" The guests cheered and clapped while you and Killua still continued to listen to the music.

    "And this is where you will be staying from now on !" The maid bowed and smiled walking away. You stared at the room in awe. It was truly high class. You laid down in the bed,king size bed if I may add,and curled yourself to the blankets.

    "I'm bored..." You muttered to yourself. "So am I." You sat up quickly pointing a gun at the source of the voice. "Whoa Whoa ! I surrender !" Killua raised both of his hands mockingly.

    "'s you." You grumbled putting your gun back at it's holster. "What do you want ?" Killua smirked and sat down next to you. "I have a plan hag and I need you to go along with it."

    You raised an eyebrow at this. "You ? Came up with a plan ?" Killua seemed insulted with this. "Sorry Sorry !" Killua grumbled at how rude you were. "I'm planning an escape." Killua said seriously.

    You lowered your eyes at this and sighed. "And how are you going to do that ?" Killua grinned as if he found the answer of the century. "At our honeymoon of course !"


    Hope you liked it.dattebayo!
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    Re: What we're married?dattebayo!

    i didn't like it

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    Re: What we're married?dattebayo!

    I liked it

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    Re: What we're married?dattebayo!

    I love reading these as it is interesting.

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    Re: What we're married?dattebayo!

    I liked it.

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