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All this talk about Sasuke beating Madara is annoying. Sasuke may eventually get to the point where he can equal or even surpass Madara in power, but at the moment, he's nowhere near Madara's level. If Sasuke does awaken Rinnegan he may be a bit closer to Madara's level, but he will still be far inferior to Madara. Naruto may lose this half of Kurama but I suppose his dad will give him the other half afterward, Naruto isn't even in the same league as Madara at the moment, and I suspect something will lead up to another time skip for training progression soon.
all we know right now is that it is foreshadowed for sasuke to surpass madara, and the manga is nearly over, so it's got to happen soon if it's going to happen. i don't think it will since madara's being setup as final villain which means sasuke won't be soloing him.