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    Re: Hashi's secrets

    Summoning Animal
    Hooded Pitohui(Pitohui dichrous)
    Scroll Owner
    Other Users who have signed contract
    Summoning Boss if existing
    Other Summoning Animals tied to contract
    Dada & Ige
    Description and Background
    Hooded Pituhois live and Originates from the
    tropical rainforests and jungles of Modakeke
    from the lower forests to sea level located Northeast of KIri .
    General Description
    Hooded Pitohui, members of the family Corvidae(crows, ravens, jays, etc.), are beautiful passerines, i.e., songbirds. Their wing, head, and tail feathers are black and their back and belly feathers orange. They have black legs ending in sharp claws and a black beak that is strong and sharp. Male and female birds have the same coloration. When threatened, these birds erect their head feathers to form a crest.
    Their sizes varies from younglings to Adult
    birds. Some averaging sizes of a normal raven
    bird while others are as big as peins bird. Hooded Pitohuis are omnivorous, feeding on a
    variety of berries and insects.
    This species were the first documented
    poisonous birds. The poisons found in the birds' skin and feathers, A neurotoxin called
    homobatrachotoxin which for the most part, cause numbness and tingling, sneezing and other minor symptoms when touched.
    Serious side effects such as paralysis and
    death would occur if you came in contact with a
    higher quantity of this poison. They acquire its
    poison from part of its food, the Choresine beetles. the exact same poison that is found in
    the slightly more famous “Poison Dart Frogs”.

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    Re: Hashi's secrets

    Wind #2

    (Futon: Iongeto Reishiki)- Wind Release: Aeon Gate Type 0
    Type: Offensive
    Rank: Forbidden
    Range: Short-Long
    Chakra cost: 50
    Damage: 90 (-40 from user)
    Description: After successfully devising the parent technique, Yosamu pushed himself yet again, to break all the boundaries that obscured his initial success and developed a successor technique that far surpassed the first. He named it, Type 0, because it was the final form of the ingenious jutsu, set to annihilate the greatest of foes. This move, required immense amounts of chakra from the user being converted to Futon at a near instananeous pace. The user will gather this great amount of energy within himself and hold both his hands outwards, as if getting ready to hug something but as he does this he/she's actually releasing all this stored chakra across the battlefield in an omnidirectional manner starting from short ranged reaching up to long ranged, a gate will open up short ranged from the user as this happens. Then, the user will run a physical non-chakra coated object through this initial gate, just like the parent technique. But, instead of just one portal opening 5 meters from the target multiple gates will open, amounting to the hundreds, each with elaborate patterns on their 2D shape. The object that the user had placed through the first gate would get replicated by this multitude of gates and will be multiplied accordingly. Meaning, if the user had thrown a kunai through the first gate, the gates that follow would each release a single Futon replica of this said kunai which would in turn fire hundreds of replicas at the target all collectively amounting to Forbidden rank. But it doesn't end there, the gates will close as usual after releasing this replica, but will continue to repoen to fire more replicas of the said object, they will continue to reproduce these replicas at a rapid pace with the Futon projectiles appearing as green streaks of light. The gates open and close at the speed of a blinking eye, releasing only replica at a time, but in the company of the many other gates these replicas appear infinite. The gates will continue to rain down the projectiles on the enemy for two whole turns and their arrangement can be set in any order by the user. Meaning, he can choose to arrange the firing gates in a wall formation, a dome formation, a concave/convex formation anywhere as long as it stays 5 meters from the opponent. With chakra guidance and control the user can even open the firing gates in his vicinity as well, having the projectiles rain around him without as much as touching a hair on his head. Throughout the technique however, he must stay focused and can't mold any other forms of chakra until the technique ends or is destroyed. After this technique ends, the user is left much fatigued, as that much chakra takes a strain on his reservoir and physical well being. His speed will fall by two ranks and the user will have sore painful limbs for two turns after using this technique.
    - Can only be used once
    - Lasts 2 turns
    - After this technique, user can't mold above B ranked Wind next turn, then nothing above A ranked Wind the turn after, until the fourth turn after this technique he may use up to Forbidden ranked Wind jutsu.
    Taught to me by Zaphkiel
    (Fūton: Iongēto)- Wind Release: Aeon Gate
    Type: Supplementary/Offensive
    Rank: A
    Range: Mid-long
    Chakra cost: 30
    Damage: 60
    Description: The user initiates this technique by first holding the Snake hand seal, this will allow him to focus his Fūton chakra in and around his body, the chakra will emanate from him starting at short range and then grow to mid ranged using the air as a medium. Following this the chakra will then compress the air that is present within short ranged of the user to form a flattened, circular, 2-D disk of having only a height and diameter of 2x2m. It can be formed either in front, behind, above, below, or beside the user, given it has the necessary space to do so and appears to be a small barrier of the sort complete with elaborate green glowing patterns, all formed by shaping the air to produce these cosmetic effects. Once the disk is formed the user will then place an object into the 'gate' and watch as his chakra that had spread to mid ranged prior form an identical gate of the same 2-D dimensions (2x2m) open up on the battlefield, however, when using it to attack/affect an enemy the user can only form this second gate five meters from the opponent in any direction (above, beside, below, etc) given it has the space to do so. This second gate will reproduce exactly the same object that was placed into the previous gate in the form of B ranked, compressed wind shaped by Fūton with added speed on exit, similar to a firing mechanism. This means, if the user placed a kunai in the first gate the second gate will open and release a pure Fūton replica of the kunai. The technique is very specific and only relies on the exact instructions given to the first gate, if the user only places half a kunai inside gate #1 gate #2 will only release half a kunai and similarly, if the user inserts a full kunai the second gate will emit a full kunai. Objects placed in the first gate remain unaffected whatsoever as they aren't physically altered in any way, instead the object will just pass through the gate to end up on the other side like shining light through a glass. This means even body parts can be placed in the gate to create pure Fūton replicas elsewhere up to mid ranged. Once the second gate releases its Fūton replica it then closes as it can only replicate one object each time it is used, after this one object is replicated the first gate will also close as its job is now done. However, only physical objects can be sent through this gate, energy based objects and attacks such as fire, lightning, or even raw chakra will simply disrupt the delicate balance of chakra that composes it. Only the first gate is capable of copying objects and the second is the only one capable of replicating said objects. The Fūton replica that would be created by the second gate is green in hue with a slight visibility, it is perfectly shaped wind that houses tangibility and can interact with solid objects as well as intangible attacks such as Raiton and Katon.
    - Can only be used three times per battle
    - Only one object can replicated at at time and only once per use
    - Requires a 2 turn cool down
    Taught to me by Zaphkiel
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    Re: Hashi's secrets

    (Fuuton: soudai hando)Wind release: Majestic Hands
    Type: supplementary
    Rank: S rank
    Range: Short-Long (Made Short-Range of the user but can travel up to long-range)
    Chakra: 40
    Damage: 80
    Description: The user performs the hand seals boar>>Ram>>Horse then clapping his hands together the user creates two large-sized hands having a maximum size of 5 metres in length and 3 metres in breadth, but the user can vary the size of the hands, with the minimum size being that of a normal hand. The hands can manifest solid-like properties, being able to deal physical damage (all within reason), it can also manifest a blunt wind force as strong as a powerful wind storm, however the user cannot manifest both, further more, the wind hands is not attached to the user but is created above the user, within short range. While the jutsu is active, the users hands has to remain together and cannot use another technique. The speed of the hands is as fast as a generic wind jutsu, finally the hands can be used for different purposes, only limited to the users imagination (also within reason, the hands cannot perform handseals for a jutsu for example), and also each hand can perform entirely different task, depending on the user, but the hands cannot be more than 10 meters apart.

    Note: The user cannot use wind for the turn after technique is used.
    Note: Can be used twice, with a three move interval.
    Note: Can only be taught by elmage

    Taught to me by Elmage

    Fuuton: Tōri o kurūzu)- Wind Release : Cruise down the street
    Type: Supplementary
    Rank: B
    Range: N/A
    Chakra cost: 20
    Damage: N/A
    Description: A stealth technique used to catch a foe off balance in battle, before using a Fuuton jutsu, the user performs a single handseal pumping more fuuton chakra into the technique, this chakra allows the user to dissipate the wind technique upon creation into a calm, yet fast non violent breeze that'll travel on a straight or curved path towards the target however this change is temporary, upon traveling a distance of the user's choice in between 5m - 20m, the wind will form back into the original jutsu e.g the user performs an handseal before perform the A rank Wind blade jutsu, upon moving the hands to start the jutsu, rather than a Blade of wind materializing from the user's hand, a calm breeze would start from the user and move towards the opponent after which the breeze would materialize the blade of wind at least one meter from the opponent.
    ~ The breeze can be seen by naked eyes
    ~ Can only be used on projectile wind jutsu i.e wind jutsus that travel from the user to the opponent hi
    ~ Can not be used on Forbidden rank wind jutsu
    ~ Can only be taught by Lytes .
    ~ Can be used three times per battle.

    Type: Weapon
    Rank: S
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: N/A
    Damage: N/A
    Description: Iris is a cloak said to be forged from darkness itself , it's black in colour and it fits itself to the height and desires such as color, shape, size and accessories e.g hood of the user which if used correctly allows the user to camouflage with his surroundings although ninjas of higher rank, can easily spot the user, the camouflage only masks the user's appearance, it doesn't mask chakra, sound, scent etc, when viewed up close, the cloak seems to be made of several tormented souls each trying to break free from the cloak, the true substance used to create the cloak is unknown but it is known the cloak can passively block basic ninja tools without sustaining so much as a scratch. Iris has only one special ability and that is the ability to create chakra human figures out of itself, it is rumored that it's simply the cloak releasing a soul and forcing it to do the user's bidding, these figures are black as night (Like an human with no face nor hair then covered completely in black paint), these figures also bend and move the same way the human body does i.e the joints and movements and they vary in height and body proportion(still within humanly possibilities), plus they pack quite a punch possessing with each attack counting as A rank similarly to how an earth golem's freeform attack depends on its rank e.g A rank golem freeform = A rank damage . Each chakra human figure counts as A rank Wind and costs the user 30 chakra per usage , also, each figure must be short range from Iris at all times or it'll simply vanish and if the user chooses, he might decide not to create the figure fully i.e creating upper body etc the it still counts as A rank
    ~ Only one chakra figure can be created at a time and it costs user 30 chakra plus it counts as a move and each figure stays for a turn before running outta chakra and vanishing.
    ~ Can only be taught by Lytes.
    ~ The Cloak's is so evil and dark that everything that comes from it is affected by its color, In real terms, the cloak literally darkens any chakra that passes through it changing its color to black, furthermore, In the NV, it has been shown that elemental chakra can exist in various colour. If this explanation doesn't work, then, The wind chakra in the figures is so concentrated that the conc blue chakra appears to black
    ~ The cloak can withstand freeform Taijutsu and weapons such as kunais, even explosive tags, it can also withstand up to B rank jutsus, any more would damage the cloak
    (Senbon Kusa)-Grass Senbon
    Rank: D
    Description:The user sends his chakra into the grass near him and hardens it.After that the user would be able to fire the hardened grass from the ground like senbons at the oponent.
    ~Note:Can be only used on terrains with short grass.
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