-RULES: write a naruto fanfiction. it can be about anything- it CAN NOT be a lemon though. it could be naruto peoples in space or an alternate ending or maybe someone goes on a mission that gets strange. it can be anything just not a lemon.

-JUDGES: if you wish to be a judge pm me. there can be a total of 6 judges including me. judges will judge entries based on points. i will anounce judges after the positions are filled.

-POINTS: your points will be given out of 10. 10 being the best and 0 being the worst. the judges will give points for each entry.

-SCORING: after all the points are given they will be added up for each entry. so that means you can have total 60 points. who ever has the most points wins.

-ENTERING: submit your short story in a reply or as link in a reply. if you did not make the story then give credit to the author. judges can enter a story.