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    NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 665 "Unending despair" [by KCMNaruto]

    Format of predictions:

    • characters
    • [] - descriptions of scenes
    • () - actions Techniques

    Enjoy reading !

    665 - Unending despair
    Rikudou Madara shows up...!!

    [First panel shows Rikudou Madara glaring at Black Zetsu with his extended arm holding staff pointing in direction of Black Zetsu]
    Rikudou Madara: You failed me, Black Zetsu
    [Black Zetsu is shown looking at Madara in corner of his eye]
    BZ Obito: Not at all Master. (Keep smirk on his face)
    Rikudou Madara(narrows his eye): explain now (demanding and dangerous voice)
    BZ Obito: Well I have present for you and ?! (senses some danger incomming)
    [Space disorting violently while spinning around Madara is shown]
    Rikudou Madara: ?!

    [Zoom in Kakashi's Mangenkyou eye widdening]
    Kakashi: *You will pay* Kamui ! (dangerous tone)
    [Black Zetsu rushes to Madara at fast speed]
    BZ Obito: Master, I will stop it for y!-(get interrupted)
    Rikudou Madara: There is no need for that zetsu
    [Rikudou Madara is shown holding staff glowing as Space stop disorting and spinning slowly.]
    Rikudou Madara: You have impressive occular power, brat. (smirks in evil way)

    [Suprised face of Kakashi is shown as he is sweating]
    Rikudou Madara: but no Ninjutsu will work on me as long as I have Onmyoudon. (increasing his dangerous and menacing tone of voice )
    [Minato is shown still facing the ground with his arms shaking from anger as he is turned back to Rikudou Madara and BZ Obito.]
    Minato: Damn !.... *Impossible... in the end I failed my son... how could this happen*
    [Gaara and Sakura pull their attention to Minato as he is gathering and rising his chakra in anger]
    [Kakashi is shown watching his Sensei in bad mood as never before.]

    [Rikudou Madara doesn't pay any attention to Minato as he resumes talking with BZ Obito]
    Rikudou Madara: Now Zetsu what did you try to say ?
    [BZ Obito still looking at Madara in corner of his Rinnegan eye]
    BZ Obito: It took long but I finally took full control over Obito's body and also I captured Kyuubi !
    Rikudou Madara(raises his brow in question): Kyuubi ? I already extracted Kyuubi from that boy (points in Naruto direction) so what are you blabbering about ?
    BZ Obito: Well Obito used Kyuubi long time ago and then Fourth Hokage split it in two halves. One half was sealed in that boy Naruto and other in his father.

    Rikudou Madara: Well these are interesting news(smirks) *so that why I felt something was missing*
    [Minato's body stop shaking as he turns to Kakashi]
    Minato: Kakashi !, I am teleporting to Orochimaru to fix my arms right away. Fight them with all your might but not die as I will come back soon ! (serious glare)
    [Kakashi is shown nodding with his head while keeping serious expression]
    Kakashi: I will stall them but about your son...
    Minato: I am sorry but there is nothing we can do anymore...(anger mixed with sadness over face) Hir -!(get interrupted)
    [Minato is shown dragged inside strange white dimenssion as Black Kurama is standing in front of him.]

    Minato(sign of happiness flashes over his face): Kurama ?! how ?!
    Black Kurama: Don't get me wrong Minato I am inside that damned black shit guy
    Minato(return to sad mood ): I see...
    Black Kurama: This is not time to be heartbroken Minato. There is last way possible to save your son but this is risky method and complex one.
    Minato(shows surprise on his face): risky and complex one...
    Black Kurama: Exactly, Now I will take my time and explain it to you. Be sure to not skip any steps !
    Minato(narrows his eyes): bring it on !

    [Scene shifts to Sasuke laying on ground unconscious as blood comming from his mouth congeal now. ]
    [Mysterious person's legs are moving in his direction as cloud of smoke is blowing away slowly]
    [Mysterious person entire figure from back is shown stopping right in front of Sasuke. Tobirama is shown looking at back of mysterious person]
    Tobirama(serious trying to sound dangerous tone): Who are you and what do you plan to do to him ?
    ??????: You are in not position to give me orders Second Hokage. Besides we have never met so it would be pointless (mysterious person keep his back turned to Second Hokage)
    [Shot on myserious person's lower face is shown]
    ??????: to find you in that state, Sasuke... Madara must be really off limits now. (put his arm on his face as to adjust something)

    [Sasuke laying on ground looking dead is shown from Mysterious person's eyes point of view. The wind is blowing away moving Mysterious person's silver hair asides as hood is removed while it is going through Sasuke.]
    ??????: I am responsible for this. *Well this time I will return a favour, Itachi*
    [Mysterious person kneel next to Sasuke as his hands are enveloped with glow]
    [Suddenly four pair of legs are shown landing in behind mysterious person kneeling next to Sasuke. ]
    [Orochimaru, Karin, Juugo and Suigetsu are shown on ground.]
    Karin(spot stranger): Get the hell out from Sasuke ! (rushes towards Sasuke as suddenly feel stopped as someone grab her arm)

    [Juugo is shown holding Karin's arm in in his strong hand]
    Juugo: wait... Lord Orochimaru has strange face expression on his face.
    Suigetsu: Is something wrong Lord Orochimaru ?!
    Orochimaru: I am surprised that you are still alive (smirks draw on his face)
    [Mysterious person turns slightly his head around as his hands keep glowing while placed above Sasuke's heart]
    Orochimaru: Kabuto (smirks draws on his face in twisted way)
    Kabuto: It can be same about you, Orochimaru. (strange expression on his face)

    [Scene shifts to remaining forces of shinobi alliance assiting Third Hokage in fight against Spiral Zetsu]
    Shinobi: take this (throws many explosive Kunai around statue)
    Shinobi 2,3,4,5,6: Argh ! ?! (surprised)
    [Small version of buddha smash one of the fists at shinobi but get stopped by Adamantine staff extended blooking it]
    Hiruzen: Do not loose your focus, guys ! (keep blocking buddha) ?!
    [Hiruzen jumps away as other fists of small buddha keep smashing where he was]
    Spiral Zetsu: It looks you are shitting already again (in singing but taking pleassure from their pain tone of voice)

    Hiruzen(turns to shinobi as he tell them plan ): ....
    Spiral Zetsu: Are you ready now or do you need my help to take shit again ?
    Hiruzen: Now get ready and prepare formation !
    Shinobi: yes !
    [Five kages are looking with deep respect at Hiruzen convincing people to fight while gettin back on their feet]
    Onooki: heh, Sarutobi will never cease to amaze me (smirks as he rises to his feet)
    A: I have to admit it but I am about to join this fierce battle ! (activates his lightining shroud)
    Mei: We should follow his example to keep our titles with respect (fire in eyes)
    Tsunade: as expected after great Hokage*heh Sarutobi Sensei*, now we can stay behind ! (rises her arm with hand closed in fist)

    [Scene shifts back to Kakashi, Minato and rest facing Rikudou Madara and BZ Obito]
    Minato: I know it (smile draw on his face)
    [Kakashi, Gaara and Sakura look at Minato confused and as he would grow other head]
    Kakashi: Why do you smile now, Sensei (sweatdropping while panting)
    Minato(awake for his happiness state): There is still hope to save Naruto but I don't have time to explain. Keep strong there I will come back as soon possible.
    Minato: Flying Thunder God technique !
    Rikudou Madara: They can not admit their loss even when it happens, so sad. (shake his head in disappointment as he watches Minato not present any more.)

    Rikudou Madara: Getting back to business. It is time for my other Rinnegan to return to me.
    BZ Obito: As you wish, Madara-sama.
    Kakashi: Gaara, I need your help
    Gaara: I am on it ! (throws his arms in front of him)
    [BZ Obito is shown reaching with his right hand for Rinnegan in his left eyesocket]
    [Suddenly sand wall block his way separating his face from his hand.]
    BZ Obito: ?! (turns his sight to Gaara) *Cursed brat never know when to give in*
    BZ Obito(looks in Madara's direction): *Where did he go ?!*

    Gaara: ?!
    [Suddenly Gaara is sent flying into debriss as explosion goes off]
    Kakashi, Sakura: ?! (spot Rikudou Madara floating just above ground)
    Rikudou Madara: You should learn already that going in my way is unwise at least. (dark and menancing tone)
    [Suddenly Rikudou Madara appears next to BZ Obito]
    Rikudou Madara: I will take my Rinnegan myself... no time need to be wasted
    [Rikudou Madara painfully takes out Rinnegan from Obito's eye socket]
    [There is no pain shown on Obito's face as Madara plug his other Rinnegan into his eyesocket as Madara places his hand covering side of his face.]

    [Scene shifts to Minato appearing next to Orochimaru, Suigetsu and Juugo as Karin and Kabuto are shown healing Sasuke. ]
    Orochimaru: Minato- kun ?!
    Minato: Orochimaru-san I need a favour from you
    Orochimaru: and that would be (narrows his eyes taking serious face)
    Minato: I ask you to regenerate my destroyed arm.
    Orochimaru: Ok, I will do it (places his one hand on Minato's shoulder where arm is missing)
    Minato: so not just my son... but Sasuke also... (faces ground with worried and angry expression)
    Orochimaru: ?! *so Naruto-kun also... it means kyuubi was extracted by Madara... at this rate he may even became Juubi Jinchurki already. This is no good...* (Orochimaru's hand glow as he forms handseals with other hand.)

    [Dust is shown floating around Minato's destroyed shoulder in height where the arm would be. ]
    [Dust is shown mering with each other reforming his arm]
    Minato: Thanks you very much, Orochimaru-san
    Orochimaru: Alright *It would be better to have all four hokages at full power and complete in case I would have to use that...*
    [Minato disappears from Sasuke's area]
    [Minato appears next to cut big tentacle of eight tails laying on ground.]
    Minato: Bee-san !
    Killer Bee: Fourth Hokage ? (emerging dying and very weak from tentacle.)
    Fourth Hokage: I need your help, Bee-san (pick Killer Bee lifeless/weak body over his shoulder)

    [Minato appears along with Killer bee in Naruto's area as Madara lower his hand revealing his face with double Rinnegan.]
    Rikudou Madara: so you returned, Fourth... too bad eight tails Jinchurki will also die.
    [Suddenly Black Zetsu is thrown away from Obito's body as Obito disappear in swirling vortex]
    [Obito appears next to Kakashi standing face to face]
    [Gaara is shown remerging next to Minato as he is covered by blood and bruises]
    Minato: I need your help. Kazekage and Killer bee-san so listen.
    [Last panel shows Sasuke and Naruto drifting through white space as Jirayia's ghost/soul appearance on the left side and Sasuke's parents ghost/souls appearance on the right side with Black silhouette in the center behind them emerge in front of them]
    Mysterious shadow: I was waiting for you my children.

    Side text: Naruto and Sasuke left world of living... who is mysterious black silhouette in front of them


    666 - Blessed

    Thanks for reading !

    Please share your thoughts
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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 665 "Unending despair" [by KCMNaruto]

    Wow nice. I guess the last guy was the sage of six paths

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 665 "Unending despair" [by KCMNaruto]

    Nice prediction but i don't think Rikudo Sennin himself will appear like that. I think kurama chakra in the court will save Naruto and maybe Rikudo actually sealed more of himself in the court that will unleash when Naruto comes to contact with it

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 665 "Unending despair" [by KCMNaruto]

    nic prediction!!! though i think madara should never get the second eye. bzobito shud be operated in the kamui dimension like kakashi takes naruto in kamui with him tagged and then minato teleports bzobito to kamui all kakashi has to do is counter bzobito's way back!!! and the guy doesn't seem to be kabuto if karin couldn't recognize him!!!

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 665 "Unending despair" [by KCMNaruto]

    This prediction should have been titled, "Naruto manga 665: Minato trolls for help".

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 665 "Unending despair" [by KCMNaruto]

    Nicely done ,now lets see more .

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 665 "Unending despair" [by KCMNaruto]

    Excellent pridiction man .

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 665 "Unending despair" [by KCMNaruto]

    Veryyyy good!

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 665 "Unending despair" [by KCMNaruto]

    I'd call it trolling that Kishi lets Sasuke, Naruto and Bee survive... but hey this is Naruto manga. Nobody ever dies.

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 665 "Unending despair" [by KCMNaruto]

    Quote Originally Posted by narutoblitz View Post
    I'd call it trolling that Kishi lets Sasuke, Naruto and Bee survive... but hey this is Naruto manga. Nobody ever dies.
    Naruto and Sasuke would be revived in some strange way without involving sacrifice of other character.

    Bee's survival would be just temporary

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 665 "Unending despair" [by KCMNaruto]

    Great Prediction

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 665 "Unending despair" [by KCMNaruto]

    nice prediction this is really good

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 665 "Unending despair" [by KCMNaruto]

    It's a good prediction.

    But at the same time, Karin and Jugo would have known who that guy was being that he conducted tests on them along with Orochimaru so it's just that one part for me.

    Other than that, It's good

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 665 "Unending despair" [by KCMNaruto]

    great prediction

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    Naruto same for Saskue its
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    characters lol people lol

    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 665 "Unending despair" [by KCMNaruto]

    Very well it was great to read

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 665 "Unending despair" [by KCMNaruto]

    Nice prediction and great read!

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