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    [Sequel] Naruto Manga Prediction 666: A Shocking Revelation!!!

    *Link to previous prediction -

    Sasuke has been taken by a mysterious foe! What is this man's plans and might they spell the end for the young Uchiha?!

    Battlefield is destroyed. The Heroes clothes are tattered and torn. All of them have bad wounds leaking with blood.

    Kakashi: [Gasping] This is bad. At this point, we won't last much longer.

    Minato: Still, we can't give up. Naruto's life depends on it!

    Gaara: But how do we escape?! He's been giving us all we can handle!

    Madara: [Casual] Come now. Is that all you've got? Judging by this, I won't need the other Rinnegan to accomplish my plans.

    Zetsu: Heh, speaking of plans; why don't we tell 'em about Project Tsukiyomi?

    Madara: Hmm, what do you have in mind, Zetsu, speaking of a top class project like it's nothing?

    Kakashi: What?! What are they talking about? We already know what Project Tsukiyomi is!

    Zetsu: You should all ready know, especially fighting against Akatsuki first hand.

    Madara: [Squats] They won't be able to fight against this Akatsuki.

    Zetsu: Heh. Right! Let's end this, Madara!

    Deep in the depths of Zetsu

    Obito: [Floating in Water] Project . . . Tsukiyomi? Aka . . . tsuki?

    ???: Hey, brat!!!

    Obito: [Slowly Looks Towards Voice]

    Kyuubi: Get you're ass up! You here what their talking about up there? It doesn't seem like a dream world to me.

    Obito: [Looks Away Again] No . . . I must see Rin again . . . so I can see her . . . again.

    Kyuubi: Shit! He's lost it. Without him though, I might not be able to escape this place. Hey, wake-up! He hasn't put us to sleep yet!

    Obito: Quiet you noisy fox . . . I'm dreaming . . . of Rin.

    Kyuubi: Tch! [Raises Fist] [Smashes Ground]

    Obito: [Shock Wave Splashes Water on Him] [Gasp] [Shakily stands] What was that for?!

    Kyuubi: Keh. Seems like you've waken. Now, let's get the hell out of this place!

    Obito: [Looks Around] What do you have in mind? I've tried to fight Zetsu's influence. His will is just too much.

    Kyuubi: Well let's see if he can beat a little powered up will from yours truly. [Holds out fist] Hit it. I'll give you some of my chakra.

    Obito: Huh? [Wearily holds out fist] [Bumps]

    Back in reality where Madara and Co. are

    Zetsu: Agh! [Doubles Over]

    Madara: Zetsu! What's wrong?!

    Zetsu: Shit! It's that brat! He's trying to break-out!

    Madara: Fight it. He can't be that strong.

    Zetsu: At this point, there's no helping it. He's getting help from the Nine-Tails!

    Madara: Nine-Tails?! That's impossible! I sealed the Kyuubi!

    Zetsu: That Edo in front of you split his chakra into Yin and Yang years back! I managed to capture the Kyuubi before he could put it back in his son!

    Madara: Hmm, I see. So, [Looking at Gaara] I'm guessing you brought that boy here to have the blonde fellow seal the other half of the Kyuubi in him?

    Gaara: [Swallows]

    Madara: I should of done this back when we first started.

    Zetsu: [Falls on Knees]

    Madara: First things first though. [Forms a Bijuu Bomb]

    Zetsu: M --- Madara?! What the hell do you think you're doing?!

    Madara: Ahh, you're right. [Reaches down and snatches Rinnegan]

    Within the consciousness of Obito

    Obito: Agh! [Screams and clutches eye]

    Kyuubi: What's wrong with you?! Huh, this chakra?!

    Madara: [Inside] Kyuubi!!!

    Kyuubi: Madara. [Forms Bijuu Bomb]

    Madara: Nothing compared to mine. [Closes hand]

    Kurama: ??!! [Mouth closes shut] [Body Explodes]

    Obito: Oh no!!!

    Madara: [Tilts head to side]

    Obito: You killed him!

    Madara: No. He'll reform later. But when I destroy you, you won't.

    Obito: Kuh!

    Madara: I will take you're Sharingan before you go, though. It will prove useful for my plans.

    Obito: And what exactly is that? You never mentioned Kamui back when we were discussing the Infinite Tsukiyomi!

    Madara: That's because I never told you about my real plan.

    Obito: You're . . . real plan?

    Madara: To destroy this disgusting world. That's my true plan.

    Obito: You're . . . you're a monster.

    Madara: No, I'm GOD!!! [Blitz in Front of Obito] [Chokes Him]

    Obito: Guuaah!

    Madara: I know you're worried about seeing that girl though. Don't worry, you'll be seeing her very soon! Oh, and you know what? I was the one who sent the Mist Ninja after her in the first place. All to woe your crumpled heart. But I don't need you anymore. Join the rest of our clan in the grave!

    Obito: Ka ... Kakashi! I leave the rest to you! You must .... save this world! I don't know what he's planning but it's dangerous! The least I can do is save my Sharingan. Kamui!!!

    Madara: Futile. It won't work!

    Madara's eyes widen is surprise. He believed Obito was trying to transport him, but instead, Obito's eye swirls into a vortex, disappearing from the socket that once held it.

    Obito: [Eyeless] Look, Madara. I'm Izuna. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Madara: [Angry]

    With a flex of his muscle, Obito's head is squeezed between his hands. A shadow shows the destruction of the body part, blood spraying everywhere.

    In reality

    Zetsu: Heh?! He's not struggling anymore! Madara, he's not --- !!!

    Madara: [Bijuu Bomb] [Launches it at Zetsu]

    Zetsu: Aghhh!!!! [Disappears]

    Madara: [Looks at Minato] Now, for you insects.

    In another location

    An empty city in tatters lies mangled on a desolate island. In the middle, a giant shrine stands tall above the carnage, two Buddhist statues standing tall in front of a large red double-door. Walking towards it is a tall figure, carrying Sasuke in both arms. At the entrance, he flashes an eye that swirls like an ocean whirlpool except blood red. The doors croak open and the figure walks inside.

    Shinto: Ah, home sweet home.
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    Re: [Sequel] Naruto Manga Prediction 666: A Shocking Revelation!!!


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    Re: [Sequel] Naruto Manga Prediction 666: A Shocking Revelation!!!

    Awesome prediction

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    Re: [Sequel] Naruto Manga Prediction 666: A Shocking Revelation!!!

    Duuuude! This was....epic, I really appreciated it

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    Re: [Sequel] Naruto Manga Prediction 666: A Shocking Revelation!!!

    It was a good read. Nice Prediction.

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    Re: [Sequel] Naruto Manga Prediction 666: A Shocking Revelation!!!

    I must say its a good imagination....
    I like it..

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    Re: [Sequel] Naruto Manga Prediction 666: A Shocking Revelation!!!


    Pretty please :D

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    Re: [Sequel] Naruto Manga Prediction 666: A Shocking Revelation!!!

    I liked it

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    Re: [Sequel] Naruto Manga Prediction 666: A Shocking Revelation!!!


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    Re: [Sequel] Naruto Manga Prediction 666: A Shocking Revelation!!!

    Good prediction .

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    Re: [Sequel] Naruto Manga Prediction 666: A Shocking Revelation!!!

    Really good!

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    Re: [Sequel] Naruto Manga Prediction 666: A Shocking Revelation!!!

    Great Prediction.

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    Re: [Sequel] Naruto Manga Prediction 666: A Shocking Revelation!!!

    Great prediction

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