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    best way to learn about....

    what is the best way to learn about computer speeds and what computers are best to get.

    I brought a computer about 3-5 years ago gateway laptop 15"6 2 gb ram I think intel pentium 2.00ghz or how ever it is

    and it started to have problems started bout 4 months ago

    anyways where can I learn what prossesors are best and what computers are great to get for gaming and hd screen

    I think I I know
    single prossesor are the worst of double triple and quad prossesors am I right?

    what's confusing is I would see a prossesor with 2.00ghz and another 2.00ghz but with different names

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    Re: best way to learn about....

    This website is all you need


    Lets take fx. Intel Core i7-4960X @ 3.60GHz

    Its rank 11# now you can go on youtube and see how the performance is, or just simply read it on the website. You also find GPU aka graphic on this website
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    Re: best way to learn about....

    Ask Questions about pcs,
    Compare some parts to real life situation like the ram,
    and look at benchmarks of components.
    You can go even further by searching up parts like motherboards; then see what the different bits do,

    That's how i learn it

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    Re: best way to learn about....

    Depends on what your needs are.

    In my opinion, the best options atm for price to performance would be an amd APU laptop. If you're wanting a laptop that is.
    Be sure to at least have 4-6gb of ram tho.
    The cpu's should at least be 2, 4 is great tho.
    The speed should always be above 2ghz. I set that as a rule due to certain 32bit applications.
    An AMD APU laptop will destroy an intel laptop tho in video gaming, 3d application performance and still have fast hardware for internet browsing and all your other needs for a lot more cheaper. Unless the intel laptop has an nvidia gpu, in that case you have to compare the gpu of the apu and the nvidia gpu.

    Tell ya what, vm me or pm me a few laptops you like/want to get and I'll tell you which has the best hardware for the best price if you're looking to buy one. Or you can ask me any question you have through vm's/pm's about hardware. I've been building computers for around 7 years.
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